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$250 for the best $100,000 challenge ever, which is Liquid Markets first evaluation plan. 

You, the aspiring funded trader must successfully pass 2 evaluation phases. During the first phase, you are required to attain a profit target of 8% within the first month of trading, with a profit target of 5% to confirm your trading skills within a further 2 months. There is no kyc required to start, only your email and selfie. And you can buy as many plans while stocks last!

Full refund for winners, Up to 90% profit share as often as every 5 days after the first payouts

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We have been backing you all along, through our provision of funds for Prop firms.

We are a fund specialising in prop firms, P2P crypto dealers and futures market makers 

We are now supplying the ultimate challenges direct to the customer at the lowest prices by utilising our AI tech in tandem with our huge number of real trader account datasets collected over the past decade.

Simply put, our AI will transparently manage the entire process of trader evaluating and funding.

Our fees will fully reflect this approach.

Done with demo challenges?

Trade our real accounts from Day one. Trade our $5,000 account with as low as $50 subscription. Leave all losses and risks to us.

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