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Maxim Shilo 820490

Maxim, after reviewing your trade history, I must say there’s a notable trend in your trading strategy that’s showing some positive outcomes. You’ve demonstrated a balanced approach between long and short positions, which is a good sign of your adaptability to market movements. The majority of your trades have ended in profit, indicating that your entry points are often well-calculated, aligning with favorable market trends. It’s clear that you’ve managed to capture sizable gains from both single trades and consecutive winning streaks, showcasing your ability to ride on momentum. However, we should address the fact that there have been a few significant losses. These losses seem to have occurred less frequently than your wins, but they do weigh heavily on the overall performance. It’s crucial to identify the factors that led to these larger losses to refine your risk management strategy. An anomaly that stands out is the consistency of your commission fees alongside occasional losses. It appears that while the commission fees are a small fraction of the trades, they can still add up and affect the net outcome, especially when combined with the losses. In terms of patterns, your trades show a propensity for swift entry and exit, capturing quick shifts in the market. This agility is an asset, but it also requires vigilance to ensure that losses are cut promptly and gains are not eroded by swift market reversals. Your progress points to a trader who is developing a keen sense for market trends and the discipline to act on them. Your ability to maintain a positive equity curve in spite of some drawdowns reflects resilience in your trading methodology. With continued refinement, particularly around the management of losses and the understanding of impact from trading costs, your potential for consistent growth is evident. Keep up the good work, Maxim.

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