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Protected: Account 800118

After carefully reviewing the trading history of Tamunobelema Akpanah with the account 800118, here is an analytical summary and advisory report regarding the potential financial backing from the Liquid risk manager: 1. **Account Overview:** - The account was evaluated over a period from November 14, 2022, to February 12, 2024. - The ending balance stands at $4,751.78, with a noticeable drawdown from the initial $5,000 deposit, indicating a net loss. - The total number of trades conducted is 324, with a fairly even distribution between long (buy) and short (sell) positions. 2. **Profitability Analysis:** - Gross Profit: $786.91 - Gross Loss: -$1,008.52 - Total Net Profit: -$284.23 - The account has experienced losses that exceed the profits earned, suggesting challenges in maintaining consistent profitability. 3. **Risk Metrics:** - The profit factor is below 1 (0.78), indicating that the total losses surpass total profits. - The recovery factor is negative (-0.99), which shows that the trading strategy may not recover from drawdowns effectively.

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