Liquid Markets


Liquid Numbers Game

The Keynes Beauty Contest is an adaptation of the classic game of the same name, which was first proposed by economist John Maynard Keynes in the 1920s. The game has been adapted for forex traders to experience the different levels of reasoning required in trading decisions when information is incomplete. The adapted game is to

The 4 Corners of the Market

The Four Corners  The coordinates, the four coordinates: the North, South, East and the West encompass all possible directional changes; any instantaneous mutation and permutational changes. In short, any possible changes are captured by one of the coordinates.  This is a principle that is applicable in many disciplines- geology with wind directions and changes; with any

$100 Ultimate Traders Challenge

$100 Ultimate Traders Challenge ™ is an innovative, game-theory based educational model that aims at unveiling the very best behavioral traders and give them the opportunity to receive paid probationary placements at an investment bank.​ Success requires practice- lots of it. However, the time required to become successful is in very short supply; you need