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Retail trading, forecasting direction and technical analysis are not for everyone. Follow and copy the minority of developing traders who extract regular profits from the markets without leverage above 3x.

We extract results from thousands of real traders. Join us and benefit from the best real time decisions made by the best of the best traders in our proven market microcosm.

Do you manage traders with potential? 

Partner with us to fund the best. Use your own white label brand, use our liquidity. 

Collect fees, leave payouts and funding to us

Partner with Liquid

Pick the strategy, and leave the tactics to the experts.

Erik Bridges, Quantitative Risk Manager 


Trading for yourself can be quite demanding, our expert traders have taken their time to study how the market works and are now consistently profitable. Simply focus your talents on placing the best traders for the market conditions. 

You are now the coach and leader of the best trader squad. You simply decide which traders, or set of traders are best equipped for the market conditions you are here to exploit. Simply by taking a minute to assign them to your package, you will copy their trades, and you will get consistently profitable.

You are required to call the general mood of the market as well as which traders to include or drop depending on their behaviour and ‘zone performance’. Rest and rotate traders, even the best have cycles. Mix up your package or go for a narrow focus. You are ‘Head Trader’, the best of the best are working for you!

Make money while our experts trade!

Range Masters

Event Killers

Scalper Traders

Kings of Swing

Meet a few low leveraged winners

Low leverage return = 5% minority trader = zero casino tactics, zero luck, = the ability to beat 95% players consistently.

Only traders who behave with a known set of habits, forged through experience are ever able to hit target with our 'zero tolerance, zero risk of ruin' industry toughest parameters.

Meet just a few who do it regularly and may be rotated by AI into the Leaderboard.

Trade our Traders FAQ

Copy trade the best of the best

Yes, copy trade the absolute top 20 traders from over 6000 active real account low leveraged traders.

The Liquid Live concept is 10 years in the making.

To copy our best is to follow in the footsteps of a monthly gain between 3% and 5% with zero risk of ruin.

Your signals are derived from the same trade selection algo. Simply put you will realise 3x maximum leveraged positive returns every single month

How do I copy to my broker account?

Simply subscribe to one of the copy plans. Then enter your MT4/5 account number and password. You will the configure the risk parameters  for how trades are copied over to your account.

Do I have to decide which packaged strategy to copy?

Your opportunity to set some optionality in the trading process is what makes Liquid unique. You simply need to decide which package of top traders are best suited to the current market condition you want to exploit.

The pro package allows mixing between groups.

What is the downside?

The maximum drawdown is in force for each package as well as for the traders. You may also reduce this limit. The packages have not expreinced more than a maximum 3% drawdown in any month over the last 9 months.

As maximum leverage is 3x the risk and returns are 'risk off'

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We are winners!
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We are Liquid. We are Disrupters. We maximise returns for traders and copy investors.

We have users in 200 countries.