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No Demos, No challenges, No Historic data. Leave all losses to us, simply subscribe and trade. Accounts are opened to all kinds of traders. At $50 a month, you can trade our $5,000 account.

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Is Lack of Capital holding you back?

The issues we identified over 10 years ago have spurred us to create the world’s best trading funding program, currently housing some of the best traders worldwide. We understand the very fact that traders who set with small accounts, often end up losing their capital to the forex market.

Don’t forget, 95% of traders fail because they trade with low capital! Every other factor like greed, over-trading, fear, to mention but a few, all stem from one common factor “LOW CAPITAL!”… Trading with low capital!

We at Live simply set out to solve this fundamental issue by providing proper funding for traders without having to go through evaluation phases. Yes! You will trade our real account from day one…!

Done with demo challenges?

Trade our real accounts from Day one. Trade our $5,000 account with as low as $50 subscription. Leave all losses and risks to us.

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Why live?

The primary objective for Live is to provide real accounts to consistent and realistic traders.

Our parameters and rules are designated to develop winning behavioral traits. good traders will consistently generate real income and career evolution from retail to full time fund manager.

If you are a good forex trader, but lack enough capital to trade the forex market, look no further, you can simply trade with our funds!

Yes, that’s what we do, we give traders huge funds to trade the forex market at little subscription rates. For example, you can trade our $5,000 account with as little as $50 subscription. And guess what? This is open to all kinds of traders.

Funding for traders

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We set out to discover and support the best traders in the world, while developing new traders by providing them with real accounts.

Why trade your little capital when you can trade our funds?


Zero Liability for trading losses

Simply subscribe and trade. Leave all losses and risk to us.


Enjoy Unlimited profit potential

100% account growth each time you hit 15% on your trading account.


Bi-weekly payout

Profit is shared 60/40 bi-weekly. You get 60%, we keep 40%.

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