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Zero liability Broker accounts

Liquid Markets is a data and technology firm that has provided its own funds, risk management models and systems for over 10 years to;

  • Futures, Otc and Spot FX traders.
  • Prop firms. 
  • Designated market makers.
  • P2P exchange dealers.
  • Algo driven packaged trader strategies.

Through the provision of its own corporate accounts held by independent brokers across the world.

Zero conflict of interest Broker Accounts

Liquid Markets are fully independent of their brokers, and do not receive introductory fees or rebates. traders have zero liability for loss and have zero ownership of Liquids Assets.

Liquid Markets fund have provided prop firms, market makers, p2p dealers and traders with network funding and micro investment since 2012. Some of the best known white label prop firms and local independent dealers have been launched with Liquid expertise and backing in the last ten years. 

Liquid provide trading firms, challenge firms and proven traders with the NITRO zero liability, risk managed trading accounts with its simple 1% return target with no monthly fees, no time constraints. With profit share as high as 90%. 

Liquid also provides the innovative zero liability monthly subscription to experienced self employed traders who receive rewards for achieving profit targets with Liquids funds.

Profitable traders receive account balance growth, and zero fees in return for providing trading data and signals to Liquids stakeholders.

Liquid are primarily B2B, we empower prop and challenge firms


Seeking Alpha​

Our best performing trader accounts provide the datasets used by our self trained algorithm to provide consistently profitable trade signals.

Pay our low leverage signal susbcription monthly and receive permanent and exclusive zero latency vps access to the ultimate trading signal. Copy trade our signals with your broker account


Corporate Partners

We provide decades of Prop experience to fund managers.

We bring top brokers and liquidity providers and expert risk management.
Use our white label package to fund traders in your own name.

Or create your own copy algo or signals subscription service using our technology and data



Introduce others in return for steady monthly residual income.

Or start your Liquid Prop Shop.
Design your own prop trading plans. Create subscriptions, challenges and competitions.

Operate your Liquid franchise in your own guaranteed territory with full support from us.

Our executives operate across 5 continents and have decades of experience in prop trading.

With decades of prop firm experience, our team will maximise your current Objectives

our process

Our unique concept, exposure, management and factual results are unquestionably profitable and we are positioned to exponentially capitalize on our global ever-expanding savvy network. Our lacma (liquid consensus market algo) machine learning system has never had a losing month
We are disruptors; We are Liquid!

our Network

Simply put, we power a decentralised non prejudiced  trading network and promote traders returning low leveraged ROI data to enlightened stakeholders. 

partners stay with us for a decade


CEO, Global FF

Simply put, we power a decentralised non prejudiced trading network. Liquid allow us to promote traders returning low leveraged ROI data to enlightened stakeholders


World Capital

The best prop firm I have ever traded with. Your plans are refined constantly and seem perfect yet flexible and I have had an easy time selling these plans to my customers


Founder, Ikata Forex

With Liquids pricing, vision, and support, we have expanded our trading academy nationwide and into other French speaking African countries. Lowest costs in the beginning made the difference. 

Liquidity + Markets

Flexible Plans, The Best Brokers, Lowest Costs, 24/7 Support

We provide innovative products to firms who derive benefit from data generated in good trades. Our plans are acknowledged by traders to be the best and an account costs as little as $50/month and is without predujice or judgement.

Our partners benefit from high retention and monthly residual revenue stream.

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