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No Demos, No challenges, No Resume, No historic data. Leave all losses to us, simply subscribe and trade. Accounts are opened to all kinds of traders. At $50 a month, you can now trade our $5,000 real account, with a 60/40 profit share every two weeks.

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Funded Accounts

Live Strategy​

Pay As Little As $300 A Whole Year Of Zero Liability.

To make it, you

should be a good forex trader, but lack enough capital to trade the forex market properly, you can trade with our funds and support!

We Provide

traders with funds to trade for a fixed monthly subscription. We also provide risk management, account and career growth to manage funds of $1,000,000 plus with minimum guaranteed monthly payouts.

No Demo No Evaluation Trade Our Real Account From Day 1 Get Paid From Day 14 Build $1,000,000 Account

Trade Like A Pro

Don't forget 95% of traders fail because they trade with low capital! Every obstacle like greed, overtrade, fear, etc all stem from one common factor, Trading with low capital which results in Casino Facilities Casino Behavior

Learn to Trade While Receiving Payouts

trade for A Whole Year only $300

The fundamental J-Curve issues identified over 10 years ago, have spurred us to create the world’s best prop firm, housing some of the best traders currently. 

Most traders simply don’t have enough capital to spend the amount of time required to make a living from trading. This is where our ‘J Curve’ comes i

Join our active Telegram community

You are never alone, connect with over 10,000+ subscribers

$300 a year

This as little as it takes to achieve permanent results found beyond the open door casino path

Zero Conflict Of Interest

Participate in forex on fair and equitable terms

$50 a month

Is your potential trading ability worth $50 investment from the person who knows you best? or is there a free lunch

No Margin Calls

Trade a whole month without stress

Live Plans

Choose your Trading Plan, Start Trading within the Hour


The best selling and safest real currency account ever. Zero liability, maximum profit and career potential for the blessed and gifted beginner.
With cash payouts every 5% ($250) profit made, player is the only choice for the trainee, curious, casual or part time trader.


Sniper is for the trader ready to exploit the market on their own terms. Deploy $10,000 verified real account and receive unlimited payouts every 5% ($500) profit made. Sniper is suited for the serious trader ready to build an account and transition to full time pro.


Top choice for pro trader.  Hit target 1x, receive 60% cash payout with auto renewal. Then hit target 3x, receive cash 3x  PLUS free real 'no fee Nitro' account. With a $20,000 starting balance, the target is 5% ($1000) return. Your Nitro account which means no more subscription fees , time restraints, no trading restrictions.


The ultimate career prop trader plan. With a $40,000 starting balance, the target is 5% ($2000) return. After target you will have your subscription extended as well as receiving a cash payout of $560. Best of all, you will stop paying any fees at all  and unlock 400 markets, 200:1 leverage the 3rd time you hit target.

Why Live?​​

The primary objective for Live is to provide real accounts to consistent and realistic traders. Our parameters and rules are designated to develop winning behavioural traits. Good traders will consistently generate real income and career evolution from retail to full time fund manager

Pay $50 A Month For Unlimited Trading Wth Profit Potential?

Because It Takes Time Trading Real Money To Learn The Behaviour, Techniques And Habits Required To Regularly Beat 80% Of Your Competitors.

Because with your liability limited to the monthly subscrption, you can start and stop and grow at your own pace

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Best Products

We offer the best proprietary trader plans. $400 Markets, Forex, Gold, Crypto, Equities, Indices.


We Have Paid Out To A Higher Percentage Of Customers Than Any Prop Firm Ever ​

Trader Community

We Have Over 13,000 Active Members In Our Telegram Group

Live is too good to be true?

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