Global Challenge

Global challenge is the traditional trainee trader verification process to receive funding. Your trader must successfully pass 2 evaluation phases. During the first phase, trader is required to attain a profit target of 8% within the first month of trading, with a profit target of 5% to confirm their trading skills within further 2 months. It is essential to note that no rule breaches are tolerated during this evaluation phase. The model is zero tolerance so be clear about this.

Forex majors and minors can be traded.

From: $80.00 for 3 months




Rule #1
Risk Management.
You have plenty of time to achieve your target and move to the next phase. Take it slow, observe good risk management techniques. Most traders who pass the evaluation quickly fail on their live account. Be one of the few and not the many.  Follow your plan.

Rule #2
The Models, Evaluation and verification phase and targets.
There are two phases you must pass in order to become a funded trader.
First the evaluation Phase (Phase I)
The evaluation phase is to test your trading skills and give us an idea of what type of trader you are.
During the evaluation phase you must achieve a profit target of 8% within 30 calendar days with no other rule breaches.

The verification Phase (Phase II)
The verification phase is just to confirm the results of the evaluation phase.
During the verification phase you must achieve a profit target of 5% within 60 calendar days with no other rule breaches

We do NOT have any negative day rules in our programs.

A trader can choose when they start the evaluation process. The calendar day countdown starts from the time you take your first trade.

Rule #3
Trading Behavior
Its imperative that you have a trading plan, trading strategy and risk management profile to successfully complete the evaluation.
At Liquid Markets, we encourage good trading behavior but do not limit a traders ability to trade in their own style or time.
We ALLOW news trading, scalping, long term trading, short term trading etc. on all accounts.
We do not have a lot size restriction for total open lots on a single account however advise all users to be wary of their risk management profile.

Rule #4
We constantly are looking for the best products and best conditions for our traders. Currently you can trade FOREX and gold.
Every now and then the product list may be updated based on the availability of margin, leverage, liquidity, and various other factors.
We adjust our products to increase the profitability of our traders where possible. We may remove a product if there are no users currently passing the phases of the evaluations due to those products.

Rule #5
Expert Advisers & robot usage
We allow expert adviser / robot usage on all our accounts. HOWEVER, you must submit the source code of that expert adviser or robot to get approval. Unfortunately this is necessary to prevent nefarious and abusive robots such as latency arbitrage, order spammers and trade copiers of third parties. Users are welcome to copy trades of their own using a trade copier, however, users who are copying someone else’s trades will be considered in breach of their account.
Yes. You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways: – copy trading of other persons signals – tick scalping – hedging – stacking – martingale – latency arbitrage trading – reverse arbitrage trading – hedge arbitrage trading – or any use of emulators It is a violation if this rule is broken. Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned and not refunded.

Rule #6
Account types, details and house keeping
After program purchase you will receive your login details within 24-48 hours. You are not allowed to change the details of this account under any circumstances. Doing so will be a breach and your account will be suspended.

At Liquid, we are looking for individual traders to grow with us long term. What this means is that we want YOU to be the trader. Its ok to learn your skills from other experts, however, use of signal bots or trade copiers will not be accepted. If we notice someone using these services, we will suspend their account. We can tell that this is happening by the magic number on the account.

This rule may not apply if you have submitted your expert adviser or bot for prior approval and approval has been granted.

Rule #7
Partners are paid out 85% of profits.
For the first month of live trading you will be required to trade a minimum of 10 days and first month’s payout will be initiated after one whole month. This minimum  day requirement is removed on the second month.
All payout requests must be sent to or submitted via our internal back-office system.
Our live accounts are being held on the broker real server using metatrader 4 or 5.

If your account encounters a drawdown violation whilst being in profit, you will be eligible for 50% of your end profit. To receive a payout after violation, a trader must have maintained and showcased solid risk management principles such as always using a stop loss, not over leveraging the account, not holding losers longer than winners etc. This rule is to discourage casino like gambling behavior, poor trading practices and risk to the firms’ capital.

Rule #8
Getting paid
If you have reached your profit-split time, firstly, congratulations. Please get in touch. You can request your payout via bank wire, transferwise, cryptocurrency or paypal.

Rule #9
Drawdown rules

You must not have a daily drawdown of 5% of equity OR balance on any given day. This is monitored closely by an automated system, includes open trades at the time of roll-over and any breach is shown in your account dashboard. Please be mindful of your trading and be sure to check your available drawdown at 00:00 server time every day.
A rule of thumb is to not go within 1% of the daily drawdown rules to be able to survive another day.
On top of the daily drawdown, we have an overall account drawdown of 8% for any pay period. Breaching this will result in a termination of your account.

If you breach your daily drawdown rules whilst in profit. A review will take place to determine whether you followed proper risk management practices (no excessive position size, trade numbers etc.) and we may, at our discretion, issue you your profit share at the time of termination. If, however, you participate in risky trading and breached the daily drawdown, you will not receive payout of your profits for a breach of the daily drawdown whilst in profit.

Rule #10
No trader will be liable for any trading losses. All being said, we encourage you to practice good risk management practices and engage in a trading plan to maximize your chances of not incurring a loss

Rule #11

If your Phase I 30 day limit is reached and you are in profit without any breaches on the account you are entitled to a free retake.
Trade safely, be consistent, get rewarded.

Rule #12
If you find that you have breached one of the rules, you are entitled to a discounted reset of that account.

Rule #13
All traders who pass Phase 1 and Phase 2 will receive a refund of their fees when they reach their first profit-split period at the end of the first month on their live trading account.

Rule #14
Account Credential Safety
You are responsible for making sure your account credentials are safe. We do not reinstate accounts that have been hacked or distributed to third parties for trading and lost. If your account has been hacked, get in touch with our team so we can lock the account and change the password and run you through security protocols. No reinstatements of accounts will occur so it is important for you to get to us as quick as you can if your account has been hacked.

Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %

Leverage - Absolute Maximum

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IP or Device Sharing

News Trading


Payment from Wallet

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Copy Trading

Profit Target for Withdrawal

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3 Month Loyalty Discount


Mandatory Stop Loss

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Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


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Strategy - Hedging


Majors & Minors & Gold

Maximum Duration

90 days

Minimum Trading Days



Lotsize - Indices


Lotsize - BTCUSD


Lotsize - CHFJPY







Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage

Strategy - Stacking


Strategy - Multi Account Hedging

Strategy - Martingale

Strategy - Single Market Hedging


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit

Watermark Balance

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*Trader agrees that there are two phases to pass in order to become a network funded Nitro trader. Every now and then the list of markets or products may be updated based on the availability of margin, leverage, liquidity, and various other factors. Updates will not apply to users currently passing the phases of the evaluations in those products. *Trader agrees that during the first evaluation phase Trader must achieve a profit target of 8% within 30 calendar days with no rule breaches.*Trader agrees that during the second evaluation phase Trader must achieve a profit target of 5% within 60 calendar days with no rule breaches*Trader agrees that there is a daily drawdown of 5% and a maximum drawdown of 8% and breaching these drawdowns is a violation. *Trader agrees that Trader may not copy trade nor allow anyone else to trade for me. If my trades are deemed to be in bad faith or are highly correlated with any other account, Trader will be unable to continue and the maximum compensation Trader will receive is a refund*Trader agrees that Trader may only trade FOREX and Gold in a manner and with strategies for which the sole objectives are to profit from a series of trades made with an entry price and a holding phase followed by an exit price. Strategies or behaviour focussed on gaming of the platform or exploitation of discrepancies within the system are regarded as bad faith.*Trader agrees that Trader must not engage in the strategies involving; Pricing or latency arbitrage, Stacking, MultTrader account hedging, Martingale, Single market hedging*Trader agrees that there is minimum trading days of 10 on each of the phases of evaluation.*Trader agrees that Trader is required to put a stop loss within 2 minutes after executing a trade. Trader also understand that Trader may not risk more than 1% per position. If Trader have more than one open position on one or more pairs at a time, the total of all positions will be counted as one. *Trader agrees that during evaluation my trading behaviour must be consistent, and that 80% of my total traded volume must not been opened up within 20% of the minimum time duration of the challenge*Trader agrees that zero tolerance means that violations lead to forfeiture. In some breaches of the rules deemed minor and neither intentional or negligent, may be penalised by discretionary fine of maximum 2.5%. Fines will only be levied against positive balances.*Trader agrees that the firm reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith on my behalf. Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund.*Trader agrees that Trader have no title or ownership over any funded account, and that any funds, profits or losses remain the property of the firm. Trader will be rewarded by the firm only for achieving set targets within the parameters agreed.