Nitro account

Variable starting balance. Innovative one-time fee, no evaluation real account with a growth path beyond $1,000,000. Double (100%) your account balance simply by making 10% return. Liquid network funders boost your account growth and copy your better trades. In return for profit share between 60% to 90% whenever you withdraw as little as 1%.

This account provides you with a zero liability alternative to traditional full funding of your own broker accounts. Nitro will give you the same account with the addition of zero brokerage conflict of interest, risk management, data proven risk parameters, account growth and hugely experienced trader community to lean upon.

These accounts are provided without charge to proven winners, promoted traders, challenge victors. They are now available to select traders in return for a single contribution towards the Lacma network funded AI signal project.

Contributors to our quest for the ultimate trading signal (Lacma) receive a complimentary house owned broker account with which to copy trade Lacma when complete.




Nitro offers an innovative alternative to traditional brokerage for traders who already have a trading plan.

Nitro does not have an evaluation stage to test your trading skills. Instead, you must be prepared to trade with no restrictions on the 400 available markets. Nitro operates like your own MT5 account from an honest, fair broker. However, you do not provide the funds or own the account. Instead it offers nurturing risk management, proven loss prevention parameters, and the ability to double your account balance for only a 10% return.

The key to success with Nitro is to take it slow and observe the protective risk management rules. It’s important to have a trading plan and to follow it diligently. .

One of Nitro’s main rules is to not breach drawdown limits. If you can follow this rule, the sky is the limit with this plan. Simply ensure that you don’t breach Nitro’s drawdown limits.

Once you make a successful one-time fee donation to our Lacma crowd sourced project, you will receive your account credentials within 24 hours. It’s important to note that you are not allowed to change the details of your Nitro account under any circumstances. Doing so will result in account suspension.

Nitro is for individual traders to grow and trade with zero liability for the long-term. The Lacma project appreciates and benefits from all traders who stay¬† through their expected ups and downs. Lacma’s trading algorithms utilize anonymized real-time data from good and developing traders. This requires Nitro traders to be the ones trading, not signal bots or trade copiers.

Nitro accounts using these services, will be suspended unless you have submitted your unique expert adviser or bot for prior approval and approval has been granted.

Nitro’s Lacma AI constantly monitors behavior to ensure that the rules are being followed. If a flag is raised, the account will be suspended while a human investigates. You may receive messages from risk and support teams, but all formal communication is via ticket system. You can find real-time support in the Discord group.

Liquid risk team is made up of both AI and full time¬† human supervisors, and every trader’s behavior and activities are intimately known by at least one human member of the team.

AI trader behaviour reports form the basis of all decisions or suggestions from Liquid to you.

Nitro is proud to have constructed a win/win/win scenario. Traders gain access to instant funding for less personal outlay and with more help, as well as a growth path beyond $1,000,000 for simply achieving 10% targets.

Nitro means that you allow Liquid to partner with you in this quest to produce the ultimate trading signals for their stakeholders.

In return we will develop your skills and behaviors through active risk management and ongoing free and optional behavioral habit training sessions.

Nitro rules will nurture and develop your abilities, and in return, we expect you to stay with us so that we can grow together.

Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %

Leverage - Majors and Minors


Leverage - Absolute Maximum

Trading Platform


IP or Device Sharing

News Trading


Payment from Wallet

Payout Cycle

14 Days

Signals Usage


Profit Target for Growth


Copy Trading

Profit Target for Withdrawal

Spread Dynamics


Mandatory Stop Loss

Trader Profit Share

60% in Month 2 70% after 20% profit withdrawn 80% after 50% profit withdrawn 90% after 100% profit withdrawn

Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Trading Hours


Strategy - Hedging


All available

Maximum Duration


Minimum Trading Days



Lotsize - Indices


Lotsize - BTCUSD


Lotsize - CHFJPY







Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage

Strategy - Stacking


Strategy - Multi Account Hedging

Strategy - Martingale

Strategy - Single Market Hedging


Watermark Balance

, , , , , , ,

*Trader agrees that this is a one time fee contribution account for the best disciplined traders and Trader must trade within the rules to keep access to the account.*Trader agrees that Trader must achieve a profit target of at least 1% with no rule breaches to request payout.*Trader agrees that there is a daily drawdown of 3% and a maximum drawdown of 8% and breaching these drawdowns is a violation resulting in account forfeiture. *Trader agrees to put a stop loss within 2 minutes after executing a trade. Trader also understand that Trader may not risk more than 1% per position. If Trader has more than one open position on one or more pairs at a time, the total of all positions will be counted as one.*Trader agrees that profit share is in the ratio of 60% in Month 2, 70% after 20% profit withdrawn, 80% after 50% profit withdrawn and 90% after 100% profit withdrawn*Trader agrees that to receive increased balance Trader has to achieve 10% target without payout.*Trader agrees that no withdrawals will be made from the account in the first 30 calendar days following issuance of account credentials. Profits made in this time must stay in the account as a buffer. Trader may withdraw a profit share of the buffer at the attained share level upon termination of the agreement.*Trader agrees that zero tolerance means that violations lead to forfeiture. In some breaches of the rules deemed minor and neither intentional or negligent, may be penalised by discretionary fine of maximum 2.5%. Fines will only be levied against positive balances. *Trader agrees that the firm reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith on my behalf. Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund.*Trader agrees to have no title or ownership over any Liquid assets, funded account, data or signals, and that any funds, profits or losses remain the property of the firm. Trader will be rewarded by the firm only for achieving set targets within the parameters agreed.


What is a Nitro account?

Nitro is simply Liquid Markets ONE TIME FEE account. This the account winners of challenges get. The only restriction is drawdown. You can also earn Nitro by hitting targets several times on certain accounts like zero and max

How do i get a Nitro account

Please visit our shop

What are your Nitro account sizes and prices?

Nitro $5,000 - $300
Nitro $10,000 - $600
Nitro $20,000 - $1,200
Nitro $40,000 - $2,400
Nitro $80,000 - $4,800

What's the available leverage for Nitro

Up to 200:1

What are the terms and conditions for Nitro

What markets can i trade for Nitro?

forex (majors and minors), Crypto, stocks and commodities.

What's Nitro growth plan?

10% without payout, 15% with payout. Account is doubled until $1 million

What other ways can i achieve Nitro, besides subscribing directly for it directly

You'll be awarded a Nitro account once you pass the evaluation stage of Alpha challenge. You can also earn Nitro by hitting targets several times on certain accounts like zero and max and speculator

Can i hold trades overnight and over weekend on Nitro?

Yes you can

Are you saying i can withdraw once i hit 1% target on Nitro?

Yes you can

Is Hedging Allowed?


Can i use Ea's, bots, script, or signals?


Is copy trading allowed?


Why Nitro

Nitro is a one time fee account
You don't have to do any evaluation to get funded. Leverage is up to 1:200 minimum is 1:100.

Nitro has a lot of benefits

1. It's a one time fee account
2. Profit target is as low as 1%
3. Profit share minimum is 60% and grows to up to 90%
4. Growth is only 10% and your account is doubled
5. You can apply all strategies, EAs, hedging , as long as you are profitable.

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