$20,000 balance. $1000 target. The ideal broker account balance capable of delivering significant forex earnings. It is the top choice for pro traders.

$190.00 / month


Zero is a program aimed at experienced swing traders who aspire to become fund managers. The program offers a high payout plan rate and focuses on the most liquid major and minor currency pairs. The starting balance is $20,000, and the target is a 5% ($1,000) profit tranche, with a 5:1 fund manager leverage.

As a career plan, Zero aims to promote traders who can achieve their target with low leverage. Traders who achieve their target on the first attempt are statistically more likely to do so again, given the right mindset and environment. Once a trader hits their target for the first time, they keep their account forever, which means no more subscription fees, time restraints, or trading restrictions. Going forward, traders will receive a 60% profit share for every 5% target they achieve.

It’s worth noting that no payout will be made when a trader meets the first target. Traders interested in monthly payouts only should consider Player, Sniper, or Subscriber plans.

Zero is designed for traders with a fund manager career in mind and requires prior experience with other plans on the Liquid platform. Refinance is available for senior traders who are not deemed by the risk team to be exploiting it within a risk employing a boom or bust casino strategy. Senior traders must request authorization from the risk team before applying or paying for a refinance.

Zero offers 24-hour trading as long as the market is open, except on weekends.



Majors & Minors

Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %

Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Leverage - Absolute Maximum

News Trading


EA, Bot or Scripts

Strategy - Hedging

IP or Device Sharing

Signals Usage


Copy Trading

Weekend Positions


Stop Loss per Position


Profit Target for Growth


Profit Target for Withdrawal

Trader Profit Share


Payout Cycle

14 Days

Payment from Wallet

Spread Dynamics



Not Applicable to Senior Traders

Trading Platform


Trading Hours


3 Month Loyalty Discount


Swap Fees



Lotsize - Indices


Lotsize - BTCUSD


Lotsize - CHFJPY







Strategy - Multi Account Hedging

Strategy - Martingale

Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage

Strategy - Stacking


Strategy - Single Market Hedging


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit


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*Trader agrees that this a low leverage 'growth path' plan with maximum 5x leverage depending on market conditions. Trader agree with the current lot size table which indicates the amount of exposure in any market.*Trader agrees that Nitro 'growth path' is where upon achieving the target fees are no onger needed monthly.*Trader agrees that with full payout option Trader recieve 60% payout upon achieving target of 5% within 30 calendar days with no rule breaches . This is independent of any progress on the Nitro growth path.*Trader agrees that there is a maximum drawdown of 10% and breaching this drawdown is a violation. *Trader agrees that Trader may not copy trade nor allow anyone else to trade for me. If my trades are deemed to be in bad faith or are highly correlated with any other account, Trader will be unable to continue and the maximum compensation Trader will receive is a refund.*Trader agrees that Trader may only trade FOREX major and minor pairs in a manner and with strategies for which the sole objectives are to profit from a series of trades made with an entry price and a holding phase followed by an exit price. Strategies or behaviour focussed on gaming of the platform or exploitation of discrepancies within the system are regarded as bad faith.*Trader agrees that Trader must not engage in the strategies involving; Pricing or latency arbitrage, Stacking, MultTrader account hedging, Martingale, Single market hedging*Trader agrees that there is mandatory renewal from profits once Trader achieve target and request withdrawal*Trader agrees that payouts will be sent every 14 days from previous payout day. Trader must request withdrawal at least 1 week before the payout day to get paid on the day.*Trader agrees that zero tolerance means that voilations lead to forfeiture. In some breaches of the rules deemed minor and neither intentional or negligent, may be penalised by discretionary fine of maximum 2.5%. Fines will only be levied against positive balances. *Trader agrees that the firm reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith on my behalf. Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund.*Trader agrees that Trader have no title or ownership over any funded account, and that any funds, profits or losses remain the property of the firm. Trader will be rewarded by the firm only for achieving set targets within the parameters agreed.

Zero Account FAQ

What is the price for Zero Account?

$140 for Nitro growth & $190 for Full payout

What is the leverage on Zero Account?


What is the profit target on Zero Account?


What is the profit share on Zero Account?


Does Zero Account allow positions over weekend?


How much can I be paid if I make more than 5% on Zero Account?

There is no limit on how much you can be paid on zero account, simply request withdrawal in blocs of 5% and you will be paid.

What is J Curve on Zero Account?

Zero has no J curve Loyalty scheme

What is the maximum drawdown on Zero Account?


Does Zero Account have a daily drawdown?


Is it mandatory to use Stop Loss on Zero Account?


Can I trade gold on Zero Account?


Is scaling available on Zero Account?

Yes, your account is doubled when you achieve 15% target without payout

Will I be paid my full share if I hit target on Zero Account?

YES, if you opted for full payout during subscription. If you opted for Nitro growth option you will be paid 30% of the profits and 30% are saved for Nitro growth when you hit target 3 times.

Can I refinance my Zero Accountif I'm in loss?

Yes, pay $35 anytime you are in loss.You must not have achieved target before or have history of rules violations to qualify.

Is there lot size restriction on Zero Account?

Yes, we have our recommended lot sizes for traders to use as guide based on leverage for zero account.

Can I withdraw profits within one month of subscription on Zero Account?

Yes, payout is biweekly, every 14 days from previous payout, request withdrawal at least 1 week to payout day.

Where do I find the terms and conditions for Zero Account?

Terms and conditions can be found on the website under shop. Click on any plan to read terms and conditions. Detailed terms and conditions for Zero can be found here

What happens if I violate a rule on Zero Account?

Your account will be closed incase of a violation, you will need to pay subscription again to activate your account.

What is autorenewal from profits on Zero Account?

Autorenewal on zero is automatic re subscription from profits when you achieve target for traders who opted for full payout option. Traders who don't with to renew from profits should send a support request before pauout day.

Can I hold my position over night on Zero Account?


Is there evaluation phase on Zero Account?

NO, Zero account is instant funding

What is 10% maximum drawdown on Zero Account . Can you use numbers to explain?

It means a trader cannot violate 10% maximum drawdown on Zero account at any point. 10% of $20000 is $2000 you should not lose more than $2000 from the initioal capital i.e your account balance should not go below $18000

Do you have restrictions on trading times with Zero Account?

No, traders can trade any time the market is open except weekends

What is the price for Zero Account?

$140 for Nitro growth & $190 for Full payout

What is the difference between Zero Account and Nitro?

Zero is a low leverage monthly subscription where a trader is required to achieve 5% targte to be paid 60% sharewhile Nitro is a one time fee account. where a trader is required to achieve minimum of 1% target to be paid 60% share.

What is the difference between Zero Account and Evolution?

Zero is an instant funding low leverege monthly subscription without evaluation while Evolutions is a one time fee accoutnt with single step evaluation

What is Nitro and full payout option on Zero Account?

Nitro option is wherea trader is paid 30% of the profits ($300) after achieving 5% targte while other 30% is saved for Nitro. After trader acheives 3 targets free nitro account is awarded. Full payout option is where a trader gets full 60% payout less renewal.

How do I get a Nitro account on Zero Account?

Achieve target 2 times without payout to get a Nitro account or achieve target 3 times where you are paid 30% profits for each target then get rewarded with a Nitro account after 3 targets.

What is the difference between Zero Account and Subscriber?

Zero is a low leverage monthly subscription where a trader is required to achieve 5% target to be paid 60% share while Subscriber is a high leverage monthly plan account. where a trader is required to achieve minimum of 10% target to be paid 60% share.

Can I qualify for J curve loyalty if I had a break of 1 month in Zero Account subscription?

No, zero account does not have J curve loyalty scheme

Can I refinance Zero Account

Yes, pay $35 anytime you are in loss.You must not have achieved target before or have history of rules violations to qualify.

How much is refinance for Zero Account


How do I pay for refinance for Zero Account

Use this link to refinance your account

What do I do upon hitting target on Zero Account

Login to you account here Click on Support and send a ticket to request wihdrawal from your trading account. Once withdrawal request is approved you will be notified and profits will be deducted from your trading account and your 60% share will be credited in your wallet.

Is hedging allowed on Zero Account

NO, Buying and selling the same pair at the same time is not allowed.

Does Zero Account have 1% positional drawdown?


Which pairs am I allowed to trade on low leverage Zero Account?

Forex Majors and Minors

Can I have two Zero Accounts at the same time?

No, you cannot have two plans from same low leverage category,instead you can have one plan from low leveverage category, one plan from high leverage category and one plan from OTF category.

Is Zero Account a one time subscription?

No, Zero is a monthly subscription low leverage plan

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