Liquid Markets

  • Subscriber
    $64.00 / month
    $5,000 balance. $500 target. Subscriber plan offers a unique opportunity for experienced forex traders who have a high-frequency trading strategy.…
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  • Speculator
    $108.00 / month
    $10,000 balance. $1000 target. The Speculator is an innovative trading plan for experienced forex traders with an opportunistic strategy. This…
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  • Lite
    $175.00 / month
    $25,000 balance. $2000 target. This entry-level fulltimer plan is designed for skilled and daring traders who possess established techniques and…
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  • Pro
    $350.00 / month
    $50,000 balance. $2500 target. Classic prop firm plan for experienced forex traders with specific strategic plans. XAUUSD (gold) is available,…
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  • Placeholder
    From: $30.00 for 2 months
    Variable starting balance. Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Evolution - a one-time fee account that offers unlimited payouts…
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  • Placeholder
    Global Challenge
    From: $80.00 for 2 months
    Global challenge is the traditional trainee trader verification process to receive funding. Your trader must successfully pass 2 evaluation phases.…
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  • Placeholder
    Pro Challenge
    From: $105.00 for 3 months
    Pro Challenge is optimised 2 step process for Nitro real account There are two (2) phases to show trading skills…
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  • Placeholder
    Nitro account
    Variable starting balance. Innovative one-time fee, no evaluation real account with a growth path beyond $1,000,000. Double (100%) your account…
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  • Player
    $50.00 / month
    $5,000 balance. $250 target. Player account has revolutionized the prop trading industry with its unprecedented $50 subscription plan. With this…
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  • Sniper
    $95.00 / month
    $10,000 balance. $500 target. Sniper is the perfect solution for traders looking to take control of the market on their…
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  • Zero
    $190.00 / month
    $20,000 balance. $1000 target. The ideal broker account balance capable of delivering significant forex earnings. It is the top choice…
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  • Max
    $380.00 / month
    $40,000 balance. $2000 target. Ultimate career prop trading plan. Structured for traders already building a solid long term career in…
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