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the vision

from the beginning

Liquid has always been interested in the behaviour of profitable traders under tight risk parameters and fully motivated by the need to withdraw profits every 14 days while staying consistently profitable

Liquid provide real accounts to the winners of demo challenges

We offer the opportunity for you to own your own prop trading brand

It is hard work to provide demo challenges to traders when so few rise to the real account stage. 

When they do, risk management and account growth and scaling are demanded.

We provide our white label partners with the guarantee of real accounts, growth and nurturing for their winners.

We also give the partner a share of the payouts from successful traders

We charge a small percentage of the account value to bring peace of mind to the trader as well as the prop shop CEO who may not yet have the numbers to make real account facilities efficient.

failure is not an option

Get started for as little as $80

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Winner Traders Deserve The Best accounts

over 20 years of trader funding experience

the key to trader success

Industry leading Plans

Subscriptions, Challenges, competition, low leverage, high leverage.


We have it all covered

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Focus on mentoring and leading traders, fine pick the best, and pay us a small % of the  fee in return for guaranteed real scalable accounts up to $4,000,000