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Instantly funded, no demo, evaluation, tests or deposits. 7 day payouts. One time payment plus a monthly desk fee until you hit the target. Pay desk fee from your account balance! With this ground-breaking solution, you can sidestep the customary evaluation stages and challenges and start trading immediately to reap rewards. This is the quintessential solution for those looking to develop professional skills. With its zero liability guarantee, limitless profit potential, and desk fees as low as $12.50 with J Curve, this is the recommended path to success. Build your house account at your own pace, renew when you want and continue with earlier profits. Don’t waste time on demos. Trade with payout potential from day 1.


Additional information

Commissions per lot roundturn


Renewal from Wallet


Markets Authorised

Majors & Minors

IP or Device Sharing


News Trading


EA, Bot or Scripts


Signal Usage


Copy Trading


Weekend positions


Stop Loss per Position


Stop Loss Required


Trader profit share


Profit target for withdrawal


Profit target for growth


Positive trading days


Payout Cycle

7 Days

Purchaseable from Wallet Balance


Spread dynamics



144, 288, 40, 576, 76

Trading Platform


Trading hours


Starting Balance

$10000, $20000, $40000, $5000, $80000

Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %


Strategy: Pricing or Laten


Strategy: Martingale


Strategy: Hedging


Leverage Absolute Maximum

1:5, Low

Instant Payout Potential



0.13, 0.26, 0.52, 1.04, 2.08


0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6




0.14, 0.28, 0.56, 1.12, 2.24

Lot size: CHFJPY

0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6


0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6


0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6


0.09, 0.18, 0.36, 0.72, 1.44



Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit


Fee Type

Monthly Payments

Lot size: CRYPTO

0.64, 1.28, 10.24, 2.56, 5.12

Desk Fee

1224, 162, 306, 612, 85



  1. Introduction:

This trading subscription plan is tailored to develop and promote low-leverage fund managers who employ swing trading strategies. Swing trading aims to capture short to medium-term price movements while minimizing risk. This plan outlines key principles and steps to help manage funds effectively. Stop paying fees after 3 consecutive subscriptions in cash. Renew from balance if you don’t hit target after 30 days if you have a positive balance.

  1. Risk Assessment:

Respect the risk tolerance of Liquid fund and its network investors. Embrace the maximum acceptable drawdown of 8% and ensure the fund’s capital allocation aligns with this singular risk profile.

  1. Investment Objectives:

Accept Liquid nurture parameters and its clear target returns, performance benchmarks, and timeframes. Ensure your own objectives are aligned with the fund’s risk tolerance and investor expectations.

  1. Trading Strategy:

Develop a swing trading strategy that suits the fund’s risk profile and objectives. Key elements of the strategy should include:

   – Market analysis: Identify trends, support, and resistance levels.

   – Entry and exit criteria: Determine specific criteria for entering and exiting trades.

   – Risk management rules: Consider stop-loss and take-profit levels for each trade.

   – Position sizing guidelines: Utilise your maximum allowed position sizes based on your account balance and risk exposure.

   – Timeframes for trading: Define the holding period for swing trades according to the Liquid nurture parameters which require positions to be closed over weekends.

  1. Risk Management:

Follow the Liquid nurture robust risk management parameters to protect the fund’s capital:

   – Your position maximum lot sizes are restricted to a predetermined percentage of the fund’s total assets.

   – Use stop-loss orders only if you choose to limit potential losses on each trade.

   – Focus on the highly liquid Forex major and Minor pairs. 

  1. Position Sizing:

Maximise the allowed position size for each trade based on  stop-loss levels. Ensure that no single trade significantly impacts your overall accounts performance.


  1. Trading Discipline:

Enforce strict discipline in adhering to your trading plan. Avoid emotional decision-making and maintain a long-term perspective.


  1. Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with market developments and continuously refine your trading skills. Keep detailed records of all trades for analysis and improvement.


  1. Monitoring and Review:

Use the tools in your FXDashboard to regularly monitor your accounts performance and review trading decisions. Adjust the strategy and risk management as needed based on the fund’s performance and market conditions.

  1. Exit Strategy:

Have a clear exit strategy for profitable and losing trades. Do not let emotions influence your decisions; follow the predefined plan.


  1. Liquidity Management:

Liquid ensures that its fund maintains sufficient liquidity to dynamically allocate margined funds while still executing trades effectively. Therefore it is unlikely that you receive any margin calls or request to close positions. However be aware that this may happen. If you receive any margin alerts, you should optimise your positional risk. Lot sizes are subject to change without warning in line with market conditions.


  1. Account Selection:

Do not trade multiple accounts. Focus on your highly professional Liquid house account with its raw broker spreads, reliable execution, and MT5 trading platform. 


  1. Tax and Legal Considerations:

Understand the tax and legal implications of your trading activities and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.


  1. Investor Communication:

Maintain transparent communication with the fund risk team. Be available for liveness tests.


  1. Contingency Plan:

Prepare for unexpected market events and extreme volatility. Have contingency plans in place to protect your account and manage risk during adverse conditions.

By following Liquids trading plan, a low-leverage account manager employing swing trading strategies can achieve consistent monthly payouts while avoiding drawdowns and excessive risk exposure. Success in swing trading requires discipline, continuous learning, and adherence to the Liquid nurture parameters.


  1. Payouts

Traders on $5000 and $10,000 accounts are compensated on a profit split basis only. Traders keep 60% of all profits if and only when a profit target of 5% is reached. Requests for withdrawal can be made whenever the account balance is at least the original 100% + 5% and the subscription is active. Traders on $20,000, $40,000 and $80,000 accounts are compensated on a profit split basis only from the second target going forward, no Payout will be issued to the trader. Best of all, traders will stop paying any monthly fees after achieving the first target without payout. Traders will be paid 60% of their profit share for every target they meet going forward after the first target. 

Traders who fail to achieve target within 30 calendar days will get renewal where 2% fee of the account will be charged from the account balance. Only traders without violations on the account and have a positive balance will qualify for renewal from account balance.

  1. Objectives

Our objective is to provide low cost zero liability trading in professional conditions to potential career traders.

We consider our traders as self employed partners on our business objectives. We will payout and promote every trader that acts in good faith and is committed to career growth.

We will simply close the accounts of any traders suspected of acting in bad faith or against the interests of collective traders on our platform.

As you have no liability for losses we have no liability to pay you beyond fee refund unless you act in good faith and within the spirit as well as the terms of the agreement.

18 Trading Behavior
A. No cheating is allowed. This includes any trading on demo accounts that wouldn’t be profitable in real markets or isn’t possible under real market conditions.

 – Practices such as exploiting delayed feeds, high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies, gap trading, latency arbitrage, long-short arbitrage, and reverse arbitrage are forbidden.

   – Trading that takes advantage of Metatrader’s inefficiencies is not permitted.


  1. Unauthorised Trading Activities:


Participants are not allowed to engage in trading activities that are forbidden by the Firm or its associated Brokers. These include, but are not limited to:

– Taking advantage of mistakes or delays in the Broker’s pricing or trading platforms.

– Using information that is not publicly available or is considered insider knowledge.

– Executing trades in advance of orders placed elsewhere (front-running).

– Trading in a manner that could harm the Company’s relationship with a Broker or lead to trade cancellations.

– Trading that could cause regulatory problems for the Broker.

– Using strategies from third parties, ready-made strategies, or those advertised to pass evaluation challenges.

– Changing trading strategies after passing an assessment when managing a funded account, as identified by the Firms AI.

– Holding positions in Single Share Equity CFDs through a company’s earnings announcement. Positions must be closed by 3:50 pm Eastern Time on the day of the announcement or the day before if the announcement is before the market opens.

– Opening Equity CFD positions at the end of the trading day to profit from overnight market gaps.

– Trying to balance trades between a challenge account and another account, either with the Firm or a third party.

– Trading with multiple accounts of the same size to exploit market conditions or the proprietary firm’s policies.

 Consequences of Unauthorized Trading:

  1. Non-Compliance: If a Customer engages in any unauthorised practices, the risk system may flag this as a breach of the Challenge terms.
  2. Transaction Removal: The risk system may delete any transactions that violate these rules from the Customer’s trading history and may exclude their results from the profits or losses of Demo Trading.
  3. Service Termination: The firm reserves the right to terminate all services and end the agreement with the Customer.
  4. Multiple Account Violations: If unauthorised trading practices occur across multiple Liquid Challenge Accounts, either by a single Customer or different Customers, the firm may cancel all services and terminate all relevant contracts.
  5. Third-Party Account Violations: If the trader accounts are used for unauthorised practices, this may lead to the cancellation of those accounts.
  6. Repeated Violations: Customers who repeatedly violate these terms, despite prior notification, may be denied access to all or part of the firm’s services, including the Dashboard and Trading Platform, without compensation or refund of fees paid.
  7. External Trading Disclaimer: The firm is not responsible for any trading or investment activities conducted outside of its services, even if the Customer uses the same trading platform for real market trading.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Measures:

– When there is a higher risk in a business relationship or transaction, as identified by our risk assessment, we will apply more thorough checks beyond the usual Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

– We may ask for more documents to confirm your identity if the usual ones are not enough or seem doubtful.

– We might have a detailed conversation with you, which could include a video call, to get to know you better and confirm your intentions.

– We will take a closer look at how you plan to trade to make sure it fits with our acceptable level of risk and ethical trading rules.

– We will keep a closer watch on your trading activities to make sure you are following the rules and staying within the risk limits we have set.


  1. Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedures:

– Customers must not use trading strategies that take advantage of mistakes in the service, like wrong prices or slow updates. This includes what is known as Latency Trading.

– Customers are not allowed to trade using outdated or slow information or to engage in gap trading.

– Customers must not work alone or with others to manipulate trading by using connected accounts or accounts within the platform. This includes making opposite trades at the same time.

– Customers are not allowed to use any software, artificial intelligence, ultra-fast trading, or mass data entry that could unfairly influence our systems or give them an unfair advantage.

– Customers are not allowed to do any kind of arbitrage trading, which means taking advantage of price differences in different markets or exchanges. This includes many types of arbitrage like triangular, statistical, latency, market-making, spatial, pairs, risk, convertible, volatility, dividend, tax, yield curve, or any other kind that exploits price differences.

  1. Markets
    House Account Low Leverage gives you liberty to trade major and minors Only

  2. Expert Advisers & robot usage
    You are not allowed to use EAs on this plan
  1. Gambling Prohibition

 We don’t allow gambling-like trading. This includes revenge trading, over-leveraging, and any other extreme all-or-nothing methods. We’ll decide what counts as gambling.


  1. Responsible Trading Policy

 You must maintain the same trading strategy in your funded account as you did during the assessment. This includes consistent trade sizes, instruments, stop loss sizes, and trade frequency. 

  1. Getting paid
    If you have reached your profit-split event, firstly, congratulations. Please get in touch by sending your request to [email protected]. You can request your payout from any available method such as bank, or crypto currency if you paid using the same method and wallet. 

  2. Drawdown rules

For this House account Low leverage plan, customers must not lose more than 8% of the initial account size, including fees and swaps. There is  o daily drawdown  for this plan

  1. Refunds
      – The signup fee is non-refundable if trading has started or if the customer breaches the agreement or terms and conditions.

Refund Policy:

– Once a customer has initiated the service by beginning to trade, or if the customer has not passed the Evaluation, they are not eligible for a refund of the registration fee. All payments are final and are solely for the purpose of Evaluation.

Refund Request Process:

   – Customers must email their refund request to [email protected] within the specified time frame.

   – The firm will acknowledge receipt of the request promptly.

  Refund Payment:

   – Refunds will be processed without unnecessary delay, no later than 7 days after the contract is withdrawn.

   – Refunds will be issued using the same payment method as the original payment.

   – A Refund Processing Fee of 5% of the refunded amount may be deducted from the refund.

  1. Participation Termination

 If we find you engaging in unauthorised trading activities, we will end your participation. This could mean losing any fees you’ve paid. Before you get a funded account, we’ll check your trading to make sure it’s authorised, and within the spirit of the rules.  If it’s not, you won’t get the account.

  1. Company’s Discretionary Rights

We can stop any trader from joining our program for any reason we see fit.


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Refund Policy: – Once a customer has initiated the service by beginning to trade, or if the customer has not passed the Evaluation, they are not eligible for a refund of the registration fee. All payments are final and are solely for the purpose of Evaluation. Refund Request Process: – Customers must email their refund request to [email protected] within the specified time frame. – The firm will acknowledge receipt of the request promptly. Refund Payment: – Refunds will be processed without unnecessary delay, no later than 7 days after the contract is withdrawn. – Refunds will be issued using the same payment method as the original payment. – A Refund Processing Fee of 5% of the refunded amount may be deducted from the refund.

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