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Discover a completely unique way to engage the capital markets.

Liquid offer profit potential with Zero conflict of Interest and the cheapest costs.

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Our unique approach to trading delivers the absolutely cheapest retail path to profitability. And after you discover your profitable edge, continue to receive the benefits of Liquids network funding, VIP level brokerage accounts, zero spreads, zero slippage, the lowest commissions at $2.56 roundturn and of course zero liability for loss. Fix your monthly spend and speculate without restrictions or liability.

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Examine each of our data proven trading paths to ROI and pick the path that fits you!

Spend the least possible on the path to profitability

Pick one of our data proven paths to asset growth

The Liquid 100 challenge is an academy for asset growth.


Liquid 100 challenge is fully backed by the Liquid Markets network fund with 12-year history. Liquid Market provides 2 Stage (or 1 Stage fast track) challenge accounts at the cheapest rate in the prop industry with raw spreads, unlimited time, and graduation to the proven brokerage equivalent Nitro Account for winners

Zero Spread

Trade with the absence of any spread or markup on the bid-ask prices for the assets you're trading.

Zero slippage

Execute orders without any deviations and reduce the impact of market volatility and potentially increase your profitability.

cheapest demo challenge

The 100 challenge is fully backed by the Liquid Markets network fund with 12 year history.

Instantly funded one time fee brokerage account alternative for the experienced


Our House accounts provide swift access to the trading capital with no evaluation phase required. You can seize opportunities and fuel your trading ambitions without delay.


No evaluation

Simply purchase an account, get funded and begin trading. All within an hour.

fast payout

Hit profit target of 5% on the account purchased and request a withdrawal. Payout is done Biweekly.

unlimited scaling

Double your house account balance and your payout amount each time you achieve a return of 10% on your account.

Here are some reviews from our Traders
over a few years

You too can join the best fund for retail traders in the world!

Here are the quick steps to get started

You’re four steps away from harnessing your trading skills.


Provide a Selfie of you and your ID
Choose a challenge or house account. You can choose any of our starting balances

Within a month or before payout or on demand, upload the Id and Address proof


Hit the Profit Target?
On House Account (5%), simply collect a payout on every Friday Payday without limit.
On 1 Stage Evaluation (8%), Congratulations! You can trade the real house funded account without fees and you can keep 60% of the profits you make from now.

On 2 Stage Evaluation (8%), Bravo! now redo the challenge with easier rules so we know the first stage wasn’t just luck.


Hit the next Target?

On House Account, get another payout on Friday Payday
or opt to continue without fees deducted monthly.

On 1 Stage Evaluation, get your first payout on Payday Friday

On 2 Stage Evaluation, Congratulations! You have earned the real house funded trading account without monthly fees and you can keep minimum 80% (90%max) of the profits you make.


Hit the next Target?

On House Account (5%), get another payout on Friday Payday
or opt to double your balance and your payouts

On 1 Stage Evaluation (5%), get another payout on Payday Friday or opt to double your balance and your payouts

On 2 Stage Evaluation (1%) Congratulations! You will get 80% of the profits you made on Friday Payday

The Liquid Platform

Liquid Markets Platform

Liquid Markets

You trade real
We copy you

Gets You Payouts Faster!

Withdrawals Anytime

Request Payouts Anytime After 14 Days  And 1% Profit

House Account

Trade for real.  Our funded account is available for a small fee from you. Or after passing a challenge.

Fixed Liability

Trade without fear of mounting loss. As little as $50 until you Hit Your Goals

Trade with the best

Low costs plus vip Facility

data proven Platform

You have the option of trading with one of the oldest and the most trusted platform in the industry.

AI​ Mentor App

Obtain insights into The Markets  and your performance in realtime using our Trade Mentor.

No slippage from Brokers

Our MT5 Accounts Give You Lightning Fast Order Placement.

Market Leading Fees​

Raw spreads And $2.5 round turn commissions on House Accounts.


Get the most out of your efforts.

We’re a private network fund that offers the highest payouts possible by any retail platform in the industry.

You can get paid more frequently with shorter wait times. 

There’s no need to wait for months to get real account profits.



Scale up




Quick FAQs

about our plans

Yes you can! To become a partner send us an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you with details.

No, only liquid markets are allowed on this evaluation of your ability to trade less volatile and risky products. You can Trade forex Majors and Minors only on Liquid 100. Once you pass evaluation you can trade gold, indices and 400+ Markets.

Earn Certificates for target completion

Hit 2 Targets, Become A Senior Trader And Receive Huge Benefits.