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Network funded accounts provide an instant real trading facility. Using the latest low latency cloud social trading technology, we benefit from maximising the good trades you make while reducing the exposure on the inevitable losses  Parsed by our 6 year old machine learning LCMA algo. In return for zero liability for losses and guaranteed payouts, we expect you to commit to personal trading skill development and account growth structured by our J Curve career path. 

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Instant Profit Potential plus Career development options

Pro leverage subscriptions for career J Curve traders
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Maximum liquidity, high optionality for strategic development
High leverage subscription plans for experienced traders
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All markets, high gearing for aggressive short term tactics

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To complete step 1 verification and to start trading, the following is required;

  1. A selfie of you holding up your ID document.
  2. Your verification address must be provided.
  3. Agreement with our funded trader trust mandate questions.
  4. Optical contact details, phone or whatsapp etc must be provided. 

To upload your verification selfie, simply click on the image icon at the top of your user dashboard (Note, the ID you hold, should be same as the ID you will upload seperately).

Step 2 verification and to receive payouts, the following is required within 3 months or before payout;

  1. Upload of exactly the same ID document used for selfie.
  2. Upload of proof of the exact verification address declared in step 1
  3. Optical liveness test may be requested. This is simply a live video call to confirm identify and make sure you are in control of our funded account. (Camera phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, facetime, messenger or video calling) Make sure the number is uptodate.

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