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High leverage means that the buying power of the fund allocated to your house account can be multiplied, and you can trade much larger sizes. However this also means that you have to respect positional and daily drawdown limits. Standard leverage only requires the total drawdown limit

A house account is a sub account of the main Liquid Markets funded corporate account with a particular Liquid broker. This means the house account is funded from the main account and connects to liquidity via the brokers live server. Liquids dynamic asset allocation ensures that the sub accounts are not margin called unless there is a breach of drawdown limits.

$5000-$65, $10,000-$120, $20,000-$220, $40,000-$380, $80,000-$760


60/40 Trader gets 60%

The profit target for a House Account High Leverage account is 10%

No, all open positions must be closed by 9PM London time on Friday

Only one target per subscription is permitted on $5000 and $10,000 account. Once you achieve target, a renewal is automatically processed before you continue trading. If you hit target again within the same month you will be eligible for a Nitro account.


YES, 3% daily drawdown

No, only Forex Majors and Minors are allowed

Yes, your account is doubled when you achieve 15% target without payout


Yes, we have our recommended lot sizes for traders to use as guide based on leverage for House Account Low Leverage

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