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House Account Low Leverage

From: $50.00 / month


Instantly funded no evaluations, tests or deposits. 14 day payouts. Simple monthly subscription desk fee until you hit the target. Pay monthly fees from your account balance! With this ground-breaking solution, you can sidestep the customary evaluation stages and challenges and start trading immediately to reap rewards. This is the quintessential solution for those looking to develop professional skills. With its zero liability guarantee, limitless profit potential, and renewal fees as low as $12.50, this is the recommended path to success. Build your house account at your own pace, renew when you want and continue with earlier profits. Don’t waste time on demos. Trade with payout potential from day 1.

Low Leverage House Account Answers

What does House Account mean?

A house account is a sub account of the main Liquid Markets funded corporate account with a particular Liquid broker. This means the house account is funded from  the main account and connects to liquidity via the brokers live server. Liquids dynamic asset allocation ensures that the sub accounts are not margin called unless there is a breach of drawdown limits.

What is the price for House Account Low Leverage?

$5000- $50,



$40,000- $360,


House accounts require monthly subscription fees. These are paid from the profit made, or from the account balance or directly by the trader. Every 3 and 6 months of regular renewal leads to a 50% reduction on fees.

What is the leverage on House Account Low Leverage?


What is the profit target on House Account Low Leverage?


What is the profit share on House Account Low Leverage?


Does House Account Low Leverage allow positions over weekend?

No. All trades must be closed by 9PM London Time on Friday

How much can I be paid if I make more than 5% on House Account Low Leverage?

There is no limit on how much you can be paid on House Account Low Leverage, simply request withdrawal in blocs of 5% and you will be paid

What is J Curve on House Account Low Leverage?

J Curve is liquid's loyalty scheme for traders who stay with us on $5000 account at least 3 months without making any withdrawal, we reward them with 50% discount on subscription on 4th month so they will pay $25 as subscription. If they don't hit target again after 3 months they will get another 50% discount to pay subscription of $12.5 per month until they hit target. This applies only on $5000 account.

What is the maximum drawdown on House Account Low Leverage?


Does House Account Low Leverage have a daily drawdown?


Is it mandatory to use Stop Loss on House Account Low Leverage?


Can I trade gold on House Account Low Leverage?

No, only Forex Majors and Minors are allowed

Is scaling available on House Account Low Leverage?

Yes, your account is doubled when you achieve 15% target without payout

Will I be paid my full share if I hit target on House Account Low Leverage?


Can I refinance my House Account Low Leverage if I'm in loss?

$5000 and $10,000 account has free refinance upon renewal, anytime you are in loss you don't have to wait till expiry to renew, just pay for subscription anytime and refinance + renewal will be processed. For $20,000, $40,000 and $80,000 traders have to refinance fee if they are in loss to refresh the account. Refinance is not allowed for senior traders except on $5000

Is there lot size restriction on House Account Low leverage?

Yes, we have our recommended lot sizes for traders to use as guide based on leverage for House Account Low Leverage

Can I withdraw profits within one month of subscription on House Account Low Leverage?

Yes, for $5000 and $10,000 payout is fortnightly, every 14 days from previous payout, request withdrawal at least 1 week to payout day. For $20,000, $40,000 and $80,000 traders keep the account without paying monthly subscriptions. No payout is made after first target.

Where do I find the terms and conditions for House Account Low Leverage?

Terms and conditions can be found at the shop: .Click on any plan to read terms and conditions.

What happens if I violate a rule on House Account Low Leverage?

Your account will be closed incase of a violation, you will need to pay subscription again to activate your account

What is autorenewal from profits on House Account Low Leverage?

Autorenewal on $5000 and $10,000 is automatic resubscription from profits when you achieve target. Traders who don't wish to renew from profits should send a support request before payout day.

Can I hold my position over night on House Account Low Leverage?


Is there evaluation phase on House Account Low Leverage?

NO, House account low leverage is instant funding

What is 8% maximum drawdown on House Account Low Leverage . Can you use numbers to explain?

It means a trader cannot violate 8% maximum drawdown on House Account Low Leverage at any point. Example 8% of $5000 is $400 you should not lose more than $500 from the initial capital i.e your account balance should not go below $4600

Do you have restrictions on trading times with House Account Low Leverage?

No, traders can trade any time the market is open except weekends

What is the difference between House Account Low Leverage and Evolution?

House Account Low Leverage is an instant funding low leverage monthly subscription without evaluation while Evolutions is a one time fee account with single step evaluation

What is the difference between House Account Low Leveraget and House Account High Leverage?

House Account Low Leverage is a low leverage monthly subscription where a trader is required to achieve 5% target to be paid 60% or keep account without paying fees while House Account High Leverage is a high leverage monthly plan account. where a trader is required to achieve minimum of 10% target to be paid 60% share or keep the account without paying fees

Can I qualify for J curve loyalty if I had a break of 1 month on House Account Low Leverage?

No, J curve is strictly for traders who don't have a break in their subscriptions

What do I do upon hitting target on House Account Low Leverage

Login to your account here Click on Support and send a ticket to request withdrawal from your trading account. Once withdrawal request is approved you will be notified and profits will be deducted from your trading account and your 60% share will be credited in your wallet. You can also request withdrawal by sending an email to

Is hedging allowed on House Account Low Leverage

NO, Buying and selling the same pair at the same time is not allowed

Does House Account Low Leverage have 1% positional drawdown?

Which pairs am I allowed to trade on House Account Low Leverage?

Forex Majors and Minors

Can I have two House Account Low Leverage accounts at the same time?

No, you cannot have two plans from same low leverage category, instead you can have one plan from low leverage category, one plan from high leverage category and one plan from OTF category.

Is House Account Low Leverage plan a one time subscription?

No, House Account Low Leverage is a monthly subscription low leverage plan except you keep the account without paying fees on $20,000, $40,000 and $80,000 if you hit first target without payout.

However as long as you are above the initial balance at renewal you may resubscribe from balance and not your own funds.

Will I pay fees again if I don't meet target after 30 days?

If your account expires without meeting target and you are in positive balance, renewal will be processed from your account balance for you to continue trading without paying renewal fees in cash.

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Commissions per lot roundturn


Renewal from Wallet


Markets Authorised

Majors & Minors

IP or Device Sharing


News Trading


EA, Bot or Scripts


Signals Usage


Copy Trading


Weekend Positions


Stop Loss per Position


Stop Loss Required


Trader Profit Share


Profit Target for Withdrawal


Profit Target for Growth


# Positive Trading Days


Payout Cycle

14 Days

Purchaseable from Wallet Balance


Spread Dynamics



Free at renewal

Trading Platform


Trading Hours


Starting Balance

$5000, $10,000, $20,000, $40,000, $80,000

Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %


Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage


Strategy - Martingale


Strategy - Hedging


Leverage - Absolute Maximum

1:5, Low

Instant Payout Potential










Lotsize: CHFJPY










Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit


Fee Type

Monthly Payments

Lotsize: Crypto


Trading Plan for Low-Leverage House Account

  1. Introduction:

This trading subscription plan is tailored to develop and promote low-leverage fund managers who employ swing trading strategies. Swing trading aims to capture short to medium-term price movements while minimizing risk. This plan outlines key principles and steps to help manage funds effectively. Stop paying fees after 3 consecutive subscriptions in cash. Renew from balance if you don’t hit target after 30 days if you have a positive balance.

  1. Risk Assessment:

Respect the risk tolerance of Liquid fund and its network investors. Embrace the maximum acceptable drawdown of 8% and ensure the fund’s capital allocation aligns with this singular risk profile.

  1. Investment Objectives:

Accept Liquid nurture parameters and its clear target returns, performance benchmarks, and timeframes. Ensure your own objectives are aligned with the fund’s risk tolerance and investor expectations.

  1. Trading Strategy:

Develop a swing trading strategy that suits the fund’s risk profile and objectives. Key elements of the strategy should include:

   – Market analysis: Identify trends, support, and resistance levels.

   – Entry and exit criteria: Determine specific criteria for entering and exiting trades.

   – Risk management rules: Consider stop-loss and take-profit levels for each trade.

   – Position sizing guidelines: Utilise your maximum allowed position sizes based on your account balance and risk exposure.

   – Timeframes for trading: Define the holding period for swing trades according to the Liquid nurture parameters which require positions to be closed over weekends.


  1. Risk Management:

Follow the Liquid nurture robust risk management parameters to protect the fund’s capital:

   – Your position maximum lot sizes are restricted to a predetermined percentage of the fund’s total assets.

   – Use stop-loss orders only if you choose to limit potential losses on each trade.

   – Focus on the highly liquid Forex major and Minor pairs. 


  1. Position Sizing:

Maximise the allowed position size for each trade based on  stop-loss levels. Ensure that no single trade significantly impacts your overall accounts performance.


  1. Trading Discipline:

Enforce strict discipline in adhering to your trading plan. Avoid emotional decision-making and maintain a long-term perspective.


  1. Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with market developments and continuously refine your trading skills. Keep detailed records of all trades for analysis and improvement.


  1. Monitoring and Review:

Use the tools in your FXDashboard to regularly monitor your accounts performance and review trading decisions. Adjust the strategy and risk management as needed based on the fund’s performance and market conditions.


  1. Exit Strategy:

Have a clear exit strategy for profitable and losing trades. Do not let emotions influence your decisions; follow the predefined plan.


  1. Liquidity Management:

Liquid ensures that its fund maintains sufficient liquidity to dynamically allocate margined funds while still executing trades effectively. Therefore it is unlikely that you receive any margin calls or request to close positions. However be aware that this may happen. If you receive any margin alerts, you should optimise your positional risk. Lot sizes are subject to change without warning in line with market conditions.


  1. Broker Selection:

Do not trade multiple accounts. Focus on your highly professional Liquid house account with its raw broker spreads, reliable execution, and MT5 trading platform. 


  1. Tax and Legal Considerations:

Understand the tax and legal implications of your trading activities and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.


  1. Investor Communication:

Maintain transparent communication with fund risk team. Be available for liveness tests.


  1. Contingency Plan:

Prepare for unexpected market events and extreme volatility. Have contingency plans in place to protect your account and manage risk during adverse conditions.

By following Liquids trading plan, a low-leverage account manager employing swing trading strategies can achieve consistent monthly payouts while avoiding drawdowns and excessive risk exposure. Success in swing trading requires discipline, continuous learning, and adherence to the Liquid nuture parameters.


  1. Payouts

Traders on $5000 and $10,000 accounts are compensated on a profit split basis only. Traders keep 60% of all profits if and only when a profit target of 5% is reached. Requests for withdrawal can be made whenever the account balance is at least the original 100% + 5% and the subscription is active. Traders on $20,000, $40,000 and $80,000 accounts are compensated on a profit split basis only from the second target going forward, no Payout will be issued to the trader. Best of all, traders will stop paying any monthly fees after achieving the first target without payout. Traders will be paid 60% of their profit share for every target they meet going forward after the first target. 

Traders who fail to achieve target within 30 calendar days will get renewal where 2% fee of the account will be charged from the account balance. Only traders without violations on the account and have a positive balance will qualify for renewal from account balance.

   17. Objectives

Our objective is to provide low cost zero liability trading in professional conditions to potential career traders.

We consider our traders as self employed partners on our business objectives. We will payout and promote every trader that acts in good faith and is committed to career growth.

We will simply close the accounts of any traders suspected of acting in bad faith or against the interests of collective traders on our platform.

As you have no liability for losses we have no liability to pay you beyond fee refund unless you act in good faith and within the spirit as well as the terms of the agreement.


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[1]Trader agrees that this a low leverage 'growth path' plan with maximum 5x leverage depending on market conditions. Traders agree with the current lot size table which indicates the amount of exposure in any market. [2]Trader agrees that Trader must achieve a profit target of 5% within 30 calendar days with no rule breaches to get payout. [3]Trader agrees that there is a maximum drawdown of 8% and breaching this drawdown is a violation. [4]Trader agrees that Trader may not copy trade nor allow anyone else to trade for me. If my trades are deemed to be in bad faith or are highly correlated with any other account, Trader will be unable to continue and the maximum compensation Trader will receive is a refund. [5]Trader agrees that Trader may only trade FOREX major and minor pairs in a manner and with strategies for which the sole objectives are to profit from a series of trades made with an entry price and a holding phase followed by an exit price. Strategies or behaviour focused on gaming of the platform or exploitation of discrepancies within the system are regarded as bad faith. [6]Trader agrees that Trader must not engage in the strategies involving; Pricing or latency arbitrage, Stacking, MultiTrader account hedging, Martingale, Single market hedging [7]Traders on $5000 and $10,000 qualify for the J-curve loyalty scheme if they subscribe 3 months consecutively without break in subscription. Traders will get a 50% discount on subscription the 4th month. [8]Trader agrees that payouts will be sent every 14 days from the previous payout day. Traders must request withdrawal at least 1 week before the payout day to get paid on the day. [9]Trader agrees that zero tolerance means that violations lead to forfeiture. In some breaches of the rules deemed minor and neither intentional or negligent, may be penalised by discretionary fine of maximum 2.5%. Fines will only be levied against positive balances. [10]Trader agrees that the firm reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith on my behalf. Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund. [11]Trader agrees that Trader has no title or ownership over any funded account, and that any funds, profits or losses remain the property of the firm. Traders will be rewarded by the firm only for achieving set targets within the parameters agreed. [12]Trader agrees that senior traders who have hit target before are not eligible for refinance. They continue trading from precious balance upon subscription renewal. [13]Traders on $20,000, $40,000 and $80, 000 accounts agree that no payout is issued after hitting the first target. Traders will be paid 60% of their profit share for every target they meet going forward after the first target. [14]Trader agrees that Trader must achieve a profit target of 5% within 30 calendar days with no rule breaches to keep the account without paying monthly fees.

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