Liquid Affiliate

Liquid affiliate system allows  traders and anyone who is interested in earning extra income can benefit from. You don’t need to be a trader to be our affiliate.

Our affiliate system works for everyone as long as you register with us!

Reccuring monthly fees, residual income

Affiliates are compensated 10% commission on initial purchase by their referrals as well as 5% every month that each refferal renews or repurchases. After 25 transactions Team Leader benefits are awarded.

Team Leaders receive 5% recurring indirect commissions on every single tranasaction created by the affiliates they introduced. This residual income is payed every 14 days. Team leaders also receive thier own landing page or website where they may add their own branding.


 1. Affiliates are paid 10% commission on referrals purchase except player and Evo plans.

Your referrals should be new to our system. Must not have a history of subscription with Liquid Markets.

You will be compensated extra $250 in cash after getting 25+ referrals.

If you refer at least 10+ but don’t get to 25+ referrals will receive $250 credit in their wallet. This amount is not withdrawable but can be used to purchase any plan.

Gaming the system by trying to create multiple fake accounts to benefit from the promo is prohibited, all accounts mapped by the system for violating rules will be closed without compensation.

Yes after 25 you get your own landing page, no need for code

Yes we  supply our top producers with free subsite where they can use their own branding 

Yes we provide house facilities for our top producers. 

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