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Liquid offers affordable subscriptions and instant funding for traders. 

Our subscription model promotes good traders to fund trading monthly without fees in order to provide quality signals to our copy data subscribers. 

Liquid Markets should not be confused with hundreds of demo challenge firms that focus on training and evaluation.

Traders are expected to target payout every month.

Standard Leverage Monthly Subscriptions.....

If you’re interested in low-risk programs with standard leverage, these are available and are perfect for swing traders. These plans have fewer restrictions and may be more suitable for traders who prefer a more conservative approach. Our low leverage monthly plans have no daily drawdown, and there is only a maximum drawdown of 10%

  • Player
    $50.00 / month
    $5,000 balance. $250 target. Player account has revolutionized the prop trading industry with its unprecedented $50 subscription plan. With this…
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  • Sniper
    $95.00 / month
    $10,000 balance. $500 target. Sniper is the perfect solution for traders looking to take control of the market on their…
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  • Zero
    $190.00 / month
    $20,000 balance. $1000 target. The ideal broker account balance capable of delivering significant forex earnings. It is the top choice…
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  • Max
    $380.00 / month
    $40,000 balance. $2000 target. Ultimate career prop trading plan. Structured for traders already building a solid long term career in…
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High Leverage Monthly Subscriptions.....

The high leverage monthly plans offered to scalpers, opportunistic or aggressive 'risk on' traders and are not limited by lotsize or leverage. The plans offer raw spread as well as a profit target of 8% or 10%, while profit share is upto 60%. These plans have restrictions on positional and daily drawdown. Full payouts and refinance options make these the choice for short term higher returns.

  • Subscriber
    $64.00 / month
    $5,000 balance. $500 target. Subscriber plan offers a unique opportunity for experienced forex traders who have a high-frequency trading strategy.…
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  • Speculator
    $108.00 / month
    $10,000 balance. $1000 target. The Speculator is an innovative trading plan for experienced forex traders with an opportunistic strategy. This…
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  • Lite
    $175.00 / month
    $25,000 balance. $2000 target. This entry-level fulltimer plan is designed for skilled and daring traders who possess established techniques and…
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  • Pro
    $350.00 / month
    $50,000 balance. $2500 target. Classic prop firm plan for experienced forex traders with specific strategic plans. XAUUSD (gold) is available,…
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Single Payment Subscriptions.....

Our one-time fee trading plans offer real accounts with real payouts or demo challenges.

  • Placeholder
    Pro Challenge
    From: $105.00 for 3 months
    Pro Challenge is optimised 2 step process for Nitro real account There are two (2) phases to show trading skills…
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  • Placeholder
    Global Challenge
    From: $80.00 for 2 months
    Global challenge is the traditional trainee trader verification process to receive funding. Your trader must successfully pass 2 evaluation phases.…
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  • Placeholder
    From: $30.00 for 2 months
    Variable starting balance. Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Evolution - a one-time fee account that offers unlimited payouts…
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  • Placeholder
    Nitro account
    Variable starting balance. Innovative one-time fee, no evaluation real account with a growth path beyond $1,000,000. Double (100%) your account…
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Packaged Trading Data

Observe the trading behavior of our expert traders and automatically follow packaged trading strategies. We provide data. We do not advise on, or manage your funds ever. Full control and custodianship of your account remains with you. Yet you will not need to actively trade yourself. Our Lacma algo will do most of the work for you by parsing signals from our top performing traders.

Sign up now on our encrypted credential, ultra low latency, copy trading platform and pay monthly subscription for the ultimate signals service.

  • Copy Basic
    $250.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee
    Unlock the full potential of your trading experience by linking your broker account to one of our hand-selected "Best of…
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  • Copy Pro
    Copy Pro
    $999.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee
    Watch our community of successful traders and enhance your trading experience by following the strategies of the top traders in…
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