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Monitor your rivals, track the leaderboard, compete in a zero sum game, and strive for consistency.


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As you approach the end of the game, Your team building skills will boost your standing. Refer others and gain an edge


The Grand Finale

The moment you've been waiting for. Can you secure the ultimate victory? $100 USDT or $200k trading with Liquid?

You Are as Good as Your Best Effort

Five days of rigorous dedication and unwavering determination form the groundwork for your moment of triumph. Your ultimate achievement score reflects your precision and accuracy in trading. Each decision, prediction, and action contributes to your best single session out of five, where consistent play leads to higher potential for climbing the leaderboard. Successful traders showcasing exceptional leadership and analytical skills will receive significant cash prizes as we celebrate their achievements. Let us strive to optimize every moment towards your glorious victory.

Join the Winners' Circle

Boost your chances of winning substantial cash prizes by referring other players and building your team. Your energy score in the challenge is calculated by assessing your performance across categories and sessions, with empathy being crucial to your success. These prizes have the potential to transform your trading game.

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  1. Read the updated Instructions, Scoring and Prizes.
  2. Agree the Terms.
  3. Connect your Telegram to Liquid Markets
Requirements Can you beat other players in a zero sum game over 5 days? Can you beat other players who receive the same rules and info as you? Can you work things out faster than others? Top the leaderboard and you will be rewarded with a $10,000 Liquid 100 account and a grand prize of $100 USDT/$100,000 prop account on Friday, should you have the highest points during the gaming period. If you understand the concept of the ‘zero sum game’ then simply join the auction to value the Liquid 100 product. It is curently priced at $350. Fundamentals Liquid believes that a 100k demo challenge should cost less than $100. Players are to help Liquid set the fee for the 100k Challenge by way of continuous Auction Game Directives Players may bid in any of the 5 price discovery auctions (Game Sessions) during the week. Play a session a day. Sessions start from 00:00 and ends 23:59. Submit your bid in the Telegram auction. Register via Telegram and obtain your Liquid dashboard and wallet. Join the Telegram Game Participate in every session to increase your chances of winning. Refer other players to improve your score Climb the leaderboard by improving your score Come first each day and get rewarded for your effort.   Do not play if you are confused or liable to experience psychological issues by further participation in a zero sum game. It is prohibited to discuss the following instructions with anyone else. You may not request any extra information or help in the Liquid markets Telegram/Discord Trader support groups. You may be disqualified from prizes if you receive any help or instructions from anyone including Liquid admins. If you do not understand the game, you must simply stop playing and study the rules.
Scores are calculated in terms of liquid energy (l.joules) There are 4 ways to aquire liquid energy (l.joules) Winning Energy Your top scoring session will account for 70% of your total liquid energy measured in l.joules Referals Energy The number of new referals you bring during the weekly game will account for 15% of your total liquid energy points measured in l.joules. Participation Energy The number of game periods you participate in will account for 5% of your total points measured in l.joules Leadership Energy Your leadership energy accounts for 10% of your total energy. Leadership energy is simply your referrals x their participation energy. The winner for each day is rewarded with $10,000 Liquid100 accounts and a grand prize of $100,000 Liquid 100 account on Friday. Win the daily sessions and get a $10,000 account. The total leaderboard containing all energy will be updated 5 times during the week. The score will be your accumulated energy,
**Terms and Conditions for Liquid game on Telegram** By participating in this game, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before taking part. **Eligibility:** 1. Players must be at least 18 years old and have a valid Telegram account to participate in the Liquid game. Players must be registered and verified at site. **Gameplay Period:** 2. The game is played every week from Monday to Friday, with gameplay periods beginning at 00:00 (GMT daily), Game sessions end when the specified limit number of players have played or after 24 hours. **Player Limit:** 3. Each session, a maximum, referred to as the ‘cohort’ number of players are allowed to receive points in the weekly game. This cohort will be multiples of 100. **Referral System:** 4. Participants may refer friends to join the game using their unique referral code. Referrers earn bonus points for successful referrals. Every referred player who goes on to buy or renew a Liquid trading plan within 6 months will be accredited to the referrers ‘Affiliate’ account with Liquid. **Scoring System:** 5. Players earn Energy points for estimating the eventual settlement value in a range of numbers during the gameplay period. Energy points are also earned for referrals, participation and leadership. The scoring system for the Game is as follows: – Settlement value: 100 Points – Incremental proximity to the settlement value: +/- 0.001 Points – Time priority scoring is applied to incremental scores **Prize Distribution:** 6. Prizes will be awarded to the player with the highest point at the end of every session. Prize to be won is a $10,000 Liquid100 account and a grand prize of $100,000. **Prize Levels:** 7. Players can only win a prize once, unless the player gets the highest point for the week, then he/she is eligible to win the grand prize of Liquid 100 $100,000. You can only win the grand prize once. **Prize Redemption:** 8. Prizes won in the game are not transferable to other players or individuals. Players can redeem their prizes for wallet credits with Liquid Markets only. 7 days are provided for winners to claim prizes. **Disqualification:** 9. Liquid Markets reserves the right to disqualify any player found to be engaging in unfair practices, cheating, or violating these terms and conditions. The game rules and instructions may not be discussed in any public group or forum. Players may not request extra help, direction or instruction from previous, current or future players or from Liquid staff or operatives. Requesting extra help will result in disqualification. **Changes and Termination:** 10. Liquid Markets may modify, suspend, or terminate the Liquid Game at its discretion, without prior notice. **Privacy Policy:** 11. By participating in the game, players agree to the collection and use of their personal information as outlined in the Liquid Markets Privacy Policy. **Disclaimer:** 12. Liquid Markets is not responsible for any technical issues, interruptions, or network failures that may affect gameplay. **Governing Law:** 13. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. **Claims:** 14. Prizes are awarded inside the Liquid dashboard. Therefore every player must connect their Telegram Id to their Liquid account before claiming. Selfie ID is required. **Contact us** 14. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the game or these terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected] By participating in the Liquid Game on Telegram, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms may result in disqualification from the game. Good luck and enjoy the game!  

A Liquid account that leads to house Nitro will be awarded to the winer of each daily and weekly session (Saturday 0000 GMT).


A daily winner will be posted on the Liquid group.

The daily winners of the game from Monday to Thursday get awarded a $10,000 Liquid challenge.

On Friday, the participant with the highest session score gets a 100 USDT or $100,000 Liquid challenge.

Players may only win once between Monday and Thursday but are eligible to get the grand prize should they meet the requirements. Any player who has already won a daily prize will only be eligible for the weekly prize. Multiple challenge balances will be merged. 

Prizes won in the game are not transferable to other players or individuals. Players can redeem their prizes for wallet credits with Liquid only.

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