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Are you a curious about trading or seeking to inject a winners edge into your daily routine? Allow us to connect you to cutting-edge realm of pure trading. We are pleased to gift you an optimised and exhilarating price discovery game via Telegram – a supreme test of skill for traders of your caliber

Let's face it – the financial markets can be tough. The pain is real, and costly but we have the solution to strengthening your resolve. In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving financial landscape, staying ahead of the curve is more critical than ever. The demands on traders have increased exponentially, with global markets constantly shifting and evolving. The relentless pursuit of financial success has become an intricate puzzle that requires not just determination but also a unique blend of strategy and intuition. Reset your neural pathways with proven trader exercises and challenges over 1 month. Start with our free game

Pain Formula: The Struggle is Real

As a trader, you are intimately familiar with the dynamic nature of financial markets, where volatility, pressure, and the relentless pursuit of profits are constants that often overshadow the allure of trading. The demands of this complex and ever-evolving landscape can create an overwhelming sense of unease. In the face of these challenges, it is essential to acknowledge that the financial world is inherently demanding, and the burden it places upon traders is palpable. However, within this realm of trials and tribulations, we offer a zen mind zoning solution. We recognize that success in trading is more than just financial gains; it's about achieving a sense of mastery, poise, and fulfillment in your craft. Zen and the Art of Archery explains our free exercise

Five Days, 15 Rounds, Infinite Thrills

Introducing the Ultimate Trader Challenge

15 Periods

Our game kicks off with a bang.

There are 3 game play sessions every 24 hours. These are called Africa, America, Asia sessions.

5 Days

Adapt and evolve

The excitement grows session by session as you refine your approach. The stakes get higher, and so are the potential rewards.

Zero Sum

Stay Sharp

Watch your competitors, Observe the Leaderboard, Will you win a Zero Sum game? Can you maintain a winning streak?


The Final Stretch

As you approach the end of the game, Your team building skills will boost your standing. Refer others and gain an edge


The Grand Finale

The moment you've been waiting for. Can you secure the ultimate victory? $200 USDT or do you want to try trading with Liquid?

You Are as Good as Your Best Effort

At the end of the five-day challenge, your performance is meticulously evaluated as we calculate your peak score. Your ability to make accurate valuations will directly influence your chances of securing substantial cash prizes. Your best single session out of 15 sessions will be provide your game energy score, making every decision and prediction a critical part of the journey. The more you play the more potential energy to ascend the leaderboard. The rewards for your dedication and strategic acumen are not just symbolic. We recognize that success should be celebrated, and that's why we offer tangible and significant cash prizes to those who demonstrate exceptional trading, leadership and rule analysis prowess throughout the challenge

Join the Winners' Circle

At the end of the five-day challenge, we meticulously assess your performance by calculating your energy score across the categories and session you bid in. It's important to emphasize that the empathy and feel you have acquired is the linchpin of your success in this endeavor. You may boost your chances by refering other players, building your team, the more energy you bring the higher your chances of securing substantial cash prizes. These cash prizes are not mere tokens of appreciation; they hold the potential to significantly transform your trading game.

Join the instant path to payouts now

Join the traders who are already transforming their trading experience with the Ultimate Trading Challenge. Are you ready to take the challenge and become the trader you've always aspired to be?

Liquid Academy
Skillset Training

Join forces with proven structure trading exercises. These will transform the way you behave and reacte in market conditions. Be more disciplined and relaxed, whether you are in the trade or looking to enter.

Our network of funders, our huge trader datasets, parameters and zero liability house accounts will transform the way you approach trading.

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