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Hello esteemed traders, our Summer newsletter is here and its packed full of exciting improvements and offers for you.

You already know, our number one priority as a leading prop firm has always been to deliver trader success in the financial markets. There is no better way to do this, than to provide proper funding, pro facilities and structure for all our traders.

This newsletter simply informs recent developments here at Liquid Markets

Yousuf, earned Nitro and gave a review about Blulive system

Yousuf maintained ‘stop loss’ discipline in various pairs and ran with the action in his favourite GBPJPY

Well done Youssef!

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To begin with, due to the positive growth and effectiveness of our telegram group, we have decided to use telegram as our main means of support and communication with our traders. This simply means, the best way to reach out or communicate with us, is via your telegram id.

This allows us to integrate our Liquid Telegram groups into our dashboard. Furthermore, this helps us identify our VIP (verified members) in our telegram groups, which helps us deliver VIP services without everyday authentication.
This can be done in one easy step, simply add your current Telegram username to your dashboard profile edit screen.


When you (our traders) speak, we always listen! This is part of why we have remained relevant for over 10 years and counting. Our ‘no monthly fee’ Nitro has been launched for sale. Nitro is the fund manager account offered to the ‘graduation’ stage for our successful traders. Previously only for those hitting the $1,000,000 stage via growth. Simply put, Nitro means “Trade our real account from day one, with no monthly fee” all we ask, is that you obey our terms and conditions.

You don’t have to over trade or over leverage to be able to get access to a free account. With us, there are easier and faster ways to get an account with easy targets that won’t stress you out.

Our objective here, is simply to carve a path for more traders from amateur to expert, to and make a career out of trading. In addition to the ‘vertical’ promotion path of balance growth we now offer ‘lateral’ promotion with our zero and max accounts with career paths to same balance Nitro with payouts each time you meet your target.

Fast track to Nitro


Payout plans for each stages are easy. Full payout will be made less the renewal for first target for zero accounts. For max and zero 3 targets earn free renewal plus payout of 30% plus Nitro account.
A career path is set out on our website. This path is mandatory for our zero and max traders to propel them with the right mindset for trading success. We are grooming professional traders, yet those who just want short term payoffs have options with player, sniper and the high leverage alpha challenge or subscriber plans

Recently introduced by popular demand is ‘Subscriber’ which is provided by Alpha team for traders interested in bigger short term gains, with full access to broker leverage, up to 1:200 and 400 markets to trade. The subscriber is created for the speculator as opposed to fund manager.


MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is now available for some specified products. There are now options for our traders on which MetaTrader platform to trade with, you can either chose the new MT5 or our regular MT4.

Pro charting NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Our beloved broker EightCap who are as innovative and progressive as we are offer Trading View to all Mt4 users. We provide the systems our traders want and not the systems that cost the least.

Forex trading serves as means of livelihood for most of our traders, we know this, which is part of why we always mean business and want the best for you. We would never force you to use new unproven systems.

As long as MT4 and MT5 are the most requested, we will never expose our dear traders to unknown, unpopular or untrusted platforms to risk money on.

We at liquid Markets will like to appreciate all our current and intending traders once again, for believing in us, we do not take this for granted, our objective is to be the best ‘retail to pro’ prop platform and we reassure you that we wil keep bringing the products that bring value and not just products that bring us any short term profits.

You will win, simply adhere to the right process over time and watch your growth with us.


Tradingview is a more sophisticated trading platform with access to more tools and better view to enhance trading. Tradingview brings out the true potential of every trader. In any case you are unfamiliar with Tradingview as a trader, it is a platform used majorly by expert traders because of its advance features and easy to use tools.

Trading with us at BluLive is now limitless with Trading view. We are giving you the power most brokers dare not, because of how well it improves profitability. We believe your profit is our gain. This is not the end of improvement we have for you; There are more goodies on the way. So why don’t you let us take you there!!!



Being a trader is more than just being great on charts. A good trader looks for profits on and off charts. That is why we present a chance to make more and widen your revenue stream beyond the chart. Are you familiar with affiliation? you are offered the opportunity to work for us and make side hustle profit for yourself. As a distro promoting our services, you are offered an opportunity to get 10% off subscription signup on traders you introduce to any Liquid brand. The offer of 10% is not exclusive to any subscription level. All available stages, from 1 to 4 can benefit from this.

More than the revenue advantage of the affiliation process, there is an opportunity for you to build a network of potential fund manager’s that you know. We will give you a storefront and lots of other free tools to help you build your network. This will be of great advantage as you can discuss trading ideas, share sources of information, offer mentoring and training, and even together, become successful at trading. Simply apply for free at Liquid.

NOTE: Our approach to affiliate introductions is simply that those serious about bringing us traders will be willing to manage their own Liquid prop shop and attract more than one or two newbies. Our free plan will definitely not be for everyone. We are very much open to our traders are interested majorly in pure personal study in marketing and sales strategy.


As a way of extending our hand of appreciation to our new and training traders, BluLive team have agreed to award a free player account to the best performing BluLive registered and subscribed customer within the 2 week payout cycle. Simply subscribe to any of our subscriptions no more than 2 weeks before payday.

All you have to do is to trade till our payday which comes in 4 day cycles. From our leaderboard, we’ll pick the best performing trader, cheers!

Note – The free account is not for you to use personally. You can decide to gift it to a friend, sell it etc, the new trader must complete verification.

More great stuff dropping soon!

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