1 Stage Evaluation


1 Stage evaluation is a single fee, fast track evaluation for a real Liquid account. Just one 6% target delivers a real account with unlimited payouts and account growth scaleable to over $1 million . No minimum trading days, earn a real account within the shortest time possible. Trade Forex, gold, indices and anything that moves.

FAQs Liquid 1 Stage

Why Liquid 1 stage evaluation?

Because it is unique. A 1 step evaluation with the chance to get payouts as long as the balance is at least 1% abocve initial balance. Target to pass evaluation is only 6% with no time limits, no minimum trading days.


What is the leverage on Liquid 1 stage Evaluation?


What is the profit target during evaluation ?

The profit target is 6% to pass evaluation

What is the profit target for withdrawal?


Can I request withdrawal during Probation period?

No, profit made during probation month can't be withdrawn, withdrawal is possible on payout month after completing probation period in a positive balance, profits made during payout month are eligible for withdrawal on 14 days payout cycle basis

What is the profit share on Liquid 1 stage evaluation?


Does Liquid 1 stage allow positions over weekend?

This is possible upon request

What is the maximum drawdown on Liquid 1 stage?


Does Liquid 1 stage evaluation have a daily drawdown?

Yes, 4% daily drawdown

Is it mandatory to use Stop Loss on Liquid 1 stage?

SL is not mandatory during evaluation but is required during probation and first payout month on real account.

Does Liquid 1 stage has positional drawdown rule?

Positional drawdown is not mandatory during evaluation but is required during probation and first payout month on real account.

What happens if I violated daily or maximum drawdown?

Your account will be closed for daily or maximum drawdown violation and you will pay again to get a new account.

Will my account be closed if I violate SL and positional drawdown rule on probation or first payout month??

No, a fine of 2.5% of your account will be applied from your positive balance

Which Markets can I trade on Liquid 1 stage?

You can trade Forex Majors, Minors, Gold , Indices and crypto

Is scaling available on Liquid 1 stage?

Yes, 10% without payout and your account is doubled

Can I refinance my account if I'm in loss?

No, you can retake challenge at 20% discount on initial subscription if you violate rules.

Is there lot size restriction on Liquid 1 stage evaluation?

No, with 1:100 leverage, you can open maximum lot size your account allows

What is the payout schedule on Liquid 1 stage evaluation account?

Payout is every 14 days from previous payout Friday. Request payout 1 week to payday. To request first payout traders must trade 30 days on probation month without withdrawal then going forward payout schedule is 14 days

What happens if I violate a rule on this account?

If you violate minor breaches like SL and positional drawdown your account can be fined 2.5% of the initial account balance. For Daily drawdown and maximum drawdown violation, your account is forfeited and you will need to pay reset fee to start again.

Can I hold my position over night on this account?

Yes, you can trade anytime the market is open

What do I do upon meeting 1% withdrawal target during payout month?

Login to your account here https://liquidmarkets.org/admindash Click on Support and send a ticket to request withdrawal from your trading account. Once withdrawal request is approved you will be notified and profits will be deducted from your trading account and your 80% share will be credited in your wallet

Is hedging allowed on this account?


Can I have two Liquid 1 stage evaluation accounts at the same time?

No, you can have an alternative plan from Instant House Accounts or 2 step evaluation

What is the minimum trading days on Liquid 1 stage evaluation?

There is no minimum trading days requirement during evaluation

What is the maximum duration on Liquid 1 stage evaluation?

Unlimited. We have No time limits for you to pass evaluation

What is probation month and Payout month on Liquid 1 stage evaluation account?

Probation month is the first month on real account after passing evaluation.  While payout month is the month trader is eligible for requesting first payout after probation period.

What is the objective for the probation month?

1 Stage demo leads to a real account.

A real account for someone who has just passed a demo in as little as 1 day, requires a 30 day real account probation, where the trader has no targets but must show discipline. This probation month requires 10 minimum days trading in real conditions. Profits made during probation may not be withdrawn and remain in the account to provide an extra buffer to the maximum drawdown amount.

Positional stop loss is required.

Manual trading, i.e no EA is required.

After this probationary month the trader enters the Payout stage, and subsequent profits may be withdrawn at 80% with 1% target.


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Markets Authorised

Cryptos & Indices, Forex, Metals, Stocks

Fee Type

Single Payment

Renewal from Wallet


Commissions per lot roundturn


News Trading


EA, Bot or Scripts


IP or Device Sharing


Signals Usage


Copy Trading


Weekend Positions

Upon request

Stop Loss per Position


Stop Loss Required


Trader Profit Share


Profit Target for Withdrawal


Profit Target for Growth


# Positive Trading Days


Payout Cycle

30 days then 14 days

Purchaseable from Wallet Balance


Spread Dynamics

Raw, Variable


20% reduction in Plan fee

Trading Platform


Trading Hours


Starting Balance

$5000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000

Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit


Strategy - Martingale


Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage


Strategy - Hedging


Leverage - Absolute Maximum


Fast track challenge
Liquid trader data indicates that winners of demo challenges mostly fail to earn ayouts. This is because the real account stage brings a new set of  psychological hurdles for those unprepared for payout potential. 
Liquid have the trader datasets  to conclude that upon the real account stage, a period of adaptation and zero pressure is required to convert demo skills into profitability in the real markets.
The 1 stage evaluation is designed to ensure good traders  transfer their skills onto the real account efficiently.
With  1 Stage evaluation account, you’ll have non time limits to pass the single stage demo evaluation.  during which you’ll need to achieve a profit target of 6%. No minimum trading days during evaluation gives you  opportunity to begin with the real account in a short period. Simply avoid maximum drawdown of 8% and daily drawdown of 4%.
Real Account  
Once you are awarded the real account, you have all the time in the world to adapt and to profit. Unless you breach the maximum drawdown or the daily drawdown you will keep this real account.
To protect the firm and to assist you, the first month on the real account is a Probationary month, called probation. This is followed by a month called the payout month. To receive payouts in the payout month you simply have to trade c0nsistently over the 2 months. 
If you do not trade consistentlly or do not make a profit, as long as you did not breach the drawdown rules, you will keep your real account and continue to trade until you pass the probation.
Upon passing demo evaluation you will  receive a real account within 48 hours. 
Probation and Payout Rules
Payout cycle is Friday every 14 days. You must request withdrawal at least 1 week before payout Friday.
In Probation month our risk will monitor your behavior. Our Nitro risk management parameters will apply during probation period to ensure you are profitable and consistent with trading behaviors. There are 10 minimum trading days requirement during your first month on probation stage. You must be profitable or in a positive balance to move to payout stage the following month on real account otherwise you will remain on probation period until you are in a positive balance. During the payout month, your trading must be consistent with that of probation period to request payout.
It’s important to note that you won’t be able to withdraw this probation profit. However, after moving to Payout month going forward, you’ll be paid on a 80% profit share basis.
You can trade forex, gold, indices and crypto by observing our risk management parameters. On the real account we reserve the right to limit you to available markets. 
You can have a fresh start anytime. You get 20% discount to reset your account.
Traders get a refund to their wallet after passing evaluation and making it to first withdrawal. Wallet credit can only be redeemed on Liquid Markets shop and maximum of 50% of the wallet amount can be allowed to be used at the same time
[1]Trader agrees that real accounts provided remain the property of the firm. Trader has no ownership of funds. [2]Trader agrees that during evaluation Trader must achieve a profit target of 6% with no time limits and with no rule breaches to pass to the funded account stage. [3]Trader agrees that Trader can request withdrawal after a minimum of 1% excess return above the watershed balance after probation period. [4]Trader agrees that there is a daily drawdown of 4% and a maximum drawdown of 8% and breaching either of these limits is a terminal violation. [5]Trader agrees that Trader may not copy trade nor allow anyone else to trade for Trader. If trades are deemed to be in bad faith or are highly correlated with any other account, Trader will be unable to continue and the maximum compensation Trader will receive is a refund [6]Trader agrees that Trader may trade Forex, Gold, Indices and Crypto in a manner and with strategies for which the sole objectives are to profit from a series of trades made with an entry price and a holding phase followed by an exit price. Strategies or behaviour focussed on gaming the platform or exploitation of discrepancies within the system are regarded as bad faith. [7]Trader agrees that during Probation and first payout month Trader is required to implement a stop loss order within 2 minutes after executing a trade or acquiring a position. [8]Trader understands that Trader may not risk more than 1% per position. If Trader has more than one open position on one or more pairs at a time, the total of all positions will be counted as one. Stop loss orders are required to factor slippage and enforce the 1% risk/loss per psoition rule. [9]Trader agrees that there is a minimum trading day requirement of 10 days during probation month and the payout month. [10]Trader agrees that consistency in lot size must be evident in the 14 day period of the payout month with the probation month. [11]Trader agrees to not engage in the strategies involving; Pricing or latency arbitrage, Copy trading, EA usage in the Probation and payout months.
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