About Blulive started partly because Trust within the forex community has always been hard to come by.  Let’s be honest, as an industry, forex doesn’t have the best of reputations.  Trading and investing used to be the domain for those with money, period.  However, through the last half century the flourishing of technology has made trading, accessible to more and more people.  The prop trading space was created and people who lacked capital still had access through retail brokers to start trading.  The problem is retail brokers know that the vast majority of traders lose, so what they do is collect money for trades that they never actually place.

Blulive’s backer and investor Liquid Businesses is a fintech built by a trader and a technologist. The trader did not begin as  an underfunded retail trader. Instead he obtained a graduate trainee position at a top Investment bank, earning a place with the Government Bond desk. He earned his stripes during 6 years on the London Exchange trading floor. He then gravitated to head of graduate training. As the physical exchanges became electronic he was key in designing on screen training and new processes for the bank. He then left to start his own prop trading firm to train talented traders. Using the usual model for professional trading firms, a few good traders would cover the more frequent losses of the other traders, but this was not working well for anyone.

What was working well were the be behavioral professional approach that had worked in the banks but was alien to retail traders who lacked the time, funds and patience to learn to actually trade by acquiring correct and useful behavioral traits and habits. The first thing he did was to ban technical analysis and charts of any type, forcing trainees to visualize the market as interaction between various participant groups with different motivations and hence behaviour leading to 90% of meaningful market after years of providing this successful behavioural training to a long list of banks, funds and prop firms, he then co-founded a retail platform BluFX in 2017 to gain insight into the huge unprofessional retail space. After growing the firm from 20 customers to over 10,000 in 144 countries and taking the retail concept as far as it would go, he discovered a new challenge of introducing pro investment bank training, knowledge and techniques to the retail market but for free and as a challenge to discovering the best talent globally, and especially in the regions previously excluded from the financial gateway, who had simply never been offered a fair deal, and that’s how BluLive started.

BluFX concept was to sell trading products unselectively across the globe using digital marketing. The same products were sold over 4 years to traders in USA or in Timbuctoo for the same price. However it quickly became clear that the largest growth centers in the world required different products and a more personal and peer to peer educational approach. He then teamed up with the brightest distributors for BluFX  who were from Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and India. Together they headhunted the best possible team to help establish a global P2P distribution network of affiliates and micro investors linked to star traders via a sophisticated allocation matrix algo with the best traders collective earnings distributed amongst investors.

Retaining the highest performers, Michael, Zain, Nana, Jeffri and ‘Nick Paulson’ the reclusive yet legendary trader who turned a $50,000 account into $1,000,000 in a year, the former special projects R&D division of BluFX known as BluFX Live left to make products for the emerging markets with the needs of these traders in mind. Renamed Blulive and with the backing of a 25 million USD fund in Greece, the new firm signed up 1291 subscribers in its pre launch phase. With its innovative crowd funded allocation matrix algo the firm aims to onboard 5000 active subscribers, traders or crowd funding subsribers in 2021.

The team have realised in a few months an exciting new model based on equal opportunities, and built for traders by traders with its own technology that works.

The Ultimate Traders Challenge is designed to encourage a wide range of traders at Stage 1. However, those traders that get promoted through Stages 2-4 by definition are the best at profiting in an environment of low leverage, low drawdowns, and consistent account growth.  This is the only test or evaluation within the BluLive Project.  We want to find talented traders, and this is how a trader can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to be one of our salaried trading team

Risk management is a crucial part of the BluLive project, and our multi-layered proprietary risk management system – which champions AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) as well as human optionality overides is the key to our growth. Simply put, our automated machine learning system takes the management of trading book hedging and multi source matching strategies to the next level.

The more trader data we collect, the better our behavioural models – (we know better who should maximise and who should minimise or even reverse risk exposure) and the better we are able to manage overall downside. This in turn, ensures that our promoted traders generate leveraged and optimised alpha. Our risk AI underpins the whole BluLive platform and guarantees a win-win solution for our bank traders as well as the Liquid P2P network for affiliates funders and traders

Subscriptions and micro investment are only part of multiple revenue sources for our company. We provide our data to algo builders and other investors without offering advice or management of their funds.

BluLive is the future of trading and is available today. Simply join us now as an affiliate or bank trading trainee for the right to be a part of our global new age bank.

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