Forex trading is a popular option for ambitious people looking to earn profits through global markets. However, there are huge risks associated with forex trading, especially for those with limited funds. In this article, we will discuss the risks of trading forex with less than $1000, as well as the role of B-Book brokers and spread bet firms in the forex market.

The Risks of Trading Forex with Less Than $1000

Forex trading requires a significant amount of capital to be invested in order to make profits. Trading with less than $1000 will be extremely risky, as traders even in normal market conditions will not be able to cover the random yet regular sudden shifts in price, which lead to margin calls and potentially the loss of the entire deposit. Proffesional traders have admitted to participating in so called ‘bucket shop drives’ which are the deliberte efforts to move the mrket to force closure of the positions of under cpitlised trders. Liquid Market traders with less thn $1000 are not victims to these ploys due to the adequate funding provided for as little as $50 per month.

Furthermore, low account balances lead to increased risk-taking behavior in an attempt to earn quick profits. This leads to over-trading and impulsive decision-making, which results in significant losses leading to the popular retail trader blown account situation. Therefore, it is recommended that traders have a minimum account balance of $5000  in order to reduce the risks associated with these normal random shifts in price. This costs as little as $50 per month at Liquid

B-Book Brokers and Their Risks

B-Book brokers are market makers who take the opposite side of their clients’ trades and do not hedge them with liquidity providers.  This means that they keep the trades in-house and take 100% of the risk associated with their clients’ orders. B-Book brokers may use various techniques to profit from their clients’ trades, such as price manipulation and stop loss hunting, which  result in losses for traders. Liquid Markets has the volumes to enforce the best conditions from its brokers, and passes on all benefits to its traders who benefit from the Prop collective.

Most underfunded traders do not bother to conduct thorough research before selecting a B-Book broker to work with, in order to avoid falling victim to scams and fraudulent practices. Traders with less than $1000 simply cannot work with reputable and regulated brokers who offer transparent trading conditions and fair pricing. This is because of the high cost of marketing and attracting customers. $1000 is barely enough to cover the support requirements of a novice retail trader.

Therefore a natural conflict of interest exists with underfunded traders who approach any broker with less than $10,000. How would you expect the broker to pofit from your $1000 account?

Savvy traders join Liquid Markets and benefit from zero spread accounts and brokers unable to exploit the same retail traders protected by its corporate client. $1000 spent on subscription at Liquid markets brings over 1 year of guaranteed real account trading with payouts for profits made.

The role of firms in the business of facilitating traders with the smallest amounts.

These firms allow traders with less than $100 to speculate on the price movements of currencies. These firms, even if not pure scams, though most are, exist to offer leverage, and trap the trader by further reducing the time  to inevitable blow out due to the increased risk of losses, especially for those with limited funds.

Scam firms will also have hidden costs, such as high spreads and commissions, which can significantly reduce a trader’s profits. Liquid markets provide the zero spread as standard to most plans. Transparency is the game with Liquid markets. Every single rule or parameter must be agreed by the trder before recievig ccount credentials, which re rnted 3 minuts fter ptyment of the firt months fee of $50.


Forex trading can be a profitable investment option for those with adequate capital and a thorough understanding of the inevitable random spikes in price that normalise after retail trader accounts are blown out.

Trading with less than $1000 will be extremely risky, and traders should only work with reputable brokers willing to accept this amount and who offer transparent trading conditions and fair pricing.

Liquid Markets offers instant funded account with such brokers, and upto $80,000 starting balances that eliminate stop outs on random moves. In return for as little as  $50 per month, trade smart, trade a  properly capitalised account. Give yourself a fair chance,

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