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Skillset 3 Value

Value traders profit when price and value sharply diverge, and then converge back in line. Typically when there is news, economic releases, generally manifesting in the breakout trade.

Skillset Objectives: Understand the psychology behind breakout trading  and why it is important in Forex trading. Learn to instinctively identify and exploit support and resistance levels in the market
Exercise: Trade under cognitive enhacing parameters and be scored by data proven proprietary metrics. Practice and score as you mechanically utilise classic ‘turtle trader’ techniques adapted for highly liquid forex markets.
Scoring Metrics: Obtain a quantitative guide on how to trade news, events, creap breakouts, how to hold to exploit the extended move, including where to place stop loss and take profit orders.
Video Script: On demand video instructions and provide a step-by-step guide on how to complete the exercise.

The 100 challenge is fully backed by the Liquid Markets network fund with 12 year history. The demo challenge is a training path to the house Nitro account: 8% in 30 days, then 5% in 60 days.

Commissions per lot roundturn


Markets Authorised

Majors & Minors

News Trading


EA, Bot or Scripts


IP or Device Sharing


Signals Usage


Copy Trading


Weekend Positions


Stop Loss per Position


Stop Loss Required


Trader Profit Share

80%, Maximum 90%

Profit Target for Withdrawal


Profit Target for Growth


# Positive Trading Days


Payout Cycle

5 Days

Purchaseable from Wallet Balance


Spread Dynamics



20% reduction in Plan fee

Trading Platform


Trading Hours


Starting Balance

$10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000

Drawdown - Daily Maximum % Limit


Drawdown - Absolute Maximum %


Drawdown - Position Maximum % Limit


Strategy - Pricing or Latency Arbitrage


Strategy - Martingale


Strategy - Hedging


Leverage - Absolute Maximum

1:100, High

Instant Payout Potential

At house account stage



Lotsize: Crypto








Lotsize: CHFJPY








Lotsize: Indices






Fee Type

Single Payment

Renewal from Wallet



This challenge allows maximum drawdown of 8%, daily drawdown of 5% and traders have to trade at least 10 minimum trading days on each evaluation to be approved.  Markets allowed to trade is forex Majors and Minors

Rule #1
Risk Management.
You have plenty of time to achieve your target and move to the next phase. Take it slow, observe good risk management techniques. 

Rule #2
The Models, Evaluation and verification phase and targets.
There are two phases you must pass in order to become a funded trader.
First the evaluation Phase (Phase I)
The evaluation phase is to test your trading skills and give us an idea of wether you can stick to rules and understand risk nuture instructions
During the evaluation phase you must achieve a profit target of 8% with no rule breaches. These include trading the authorised markets only. If you cannot resist or cannot understand the markets not to trade then you will not pass. If you do not understand the rules we set then you will not pass.

The verification Phase (Phase II)
The verification phase is just to confirm the results of the evaluation phase.
During the verification phase you must achieve a profit target of 5% with no rule breaches

We do NOT have any negative day rules in our programs.

Rule #3
Trading Behavior
Its imperative that you have a trading plan, trading strategy and risk management profile to successfully complete the evaluation.
At Liquid Markets, we encourage good trading behavior but do not limit a traders ability to trade in their own style or time.
We ALLOW news trading, scalping, long term trading, short term trading etc. on all accounts.
We do not have a lot size restriction for total open lots on a single account however we provide a lotsize table which is a proven guide for a challenges successfull risk management profile.

Rule #4
We provide the all products and the best conditions for our house traders. On the challenge stage we require results with the most Liquid markets. Currently you can trade FOREX majors and minors on the challenge and 400 markets at Nitro house account stage.

Rule #5
Expert Advisers & robot usage
You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways: – copy trading of other persons signals – tick scalping – hedging – martingale – latency arbitrage trading – reverse arbitrage trading – hedge arbitrage trading – or any use of emulators. It is a violation if this rule is broken. Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned and not refunded.

We want to test your trading behaviour and not your coding prowess.

Rule #6
Account types, details and house keeping
After program purchase you will receive your login details within  hours. You are not allowed to change the details of this account under any circumstances. Doing so will be a breach and your account will be suspended.

Rule #7
Traders are paid out 80% of profits and up to 90% share at Nitro house account stage

Rule #8
Getting paid
If you have reached Nitro house account stage as well as your first profit-split, , congratulations. Reach out via ticket. You can request your payout via any method in your name or crypto.

Rule #9
Drawdown rules

You must not have a daily drawdown of 5% of equity OR balance on any given day. This is monitored closely by an automated system, includes open trades at the time of roll-over and any breach is shown in your account dashboard. Please be mindful of your trading and be sure to check your available drawdown at 00:00 server time every day.
On top of the daily drawdown, we have an overall account drawdown of 8% for any pay period. Breaching this will result in a termination of your account

Rule #10 

No trader will be liable for any trading losses at  Nitro house account stage

Rule #11 


If your Phase I 30 day limit is reached and you are in 6% profit without any breaches on the account you are entitled to a free retake.

Rule #12

If you find that you have breached one of the rules, you are entitled to a 20% discount.

Rule #13
All traders who pass Phase 1 and Phase 2 will receive a refund of their fees when they reach their first profit-split payout at the end of the first month on their Nitro house account.

Rule #14
Account Credential Safety
You are responsible for making sure your account credentials are safe. We do not reinstate accounts that have been hacked or distributed to third parties for trading and lost. If your account has been hacked, get in touch with our team so we can lock the account and change the password and run you through security protocols. No reinstatements of accounts will occur so it is important for you to get to us as quick as you can if your account has been hacked


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[1] understand that there are two phases to pass in order to become a network funded Liquid 100 Nitro trader. Every now and then the list of markets or products may be updated based on the availability of margin, leverage, liquidity, and various other factors. Updates will not apply to users currently passing the phases of the evaluations in those products. [2]I understand that during the first evaluation phase I must achieve a profit target of 8% within 30 calendar days with no rule breaches [3]I understand that during the second evaluation phase I must achieve a profit target of 5% within 60 calendar days with no rule breaches [4]I understand that there is a daily drawdown of 5% and a maximum drawdown of 8% and breaching these drawdowns is a violation. [5 Copy Trading]I understand that I may not copy trade nor allow anyone else to trade for me. If my trades are deemed to be in bad faith or are highly correlated with any other account, I will be unable to continue and the maximum compensation I will receive is a refund [6 Instruments]I understand that I may only trade 28 major and minor forex pairs in a manner and with strategies for which the sole objectives are to profit from a series of trades made with an entry price and a holding phase followed by an exit price. Strategies or behaviour focussed on gaming of the platform or exploitation of discrepancies within the system are regarded as bad faith. [7 hedging]I understand that I must not engage in the strategies involving; Pricing or latency arbitrage, Stacking, Multi account hedging, Martingale, Single market hedging [8 Minimum Trading Days] I understand that there are minimum trading days of 5 on each of the phases of evaluation. [9 SL & Risk per position]For the first month after being awarded my real Nitro, I understand that I'm required to put a stop loss within 2 minutes after executing a trade. I also understand that I may not risk more than 1% per position. If I have more than one open position on one or more pairs at a time, the total of all positions will be counted as one. [10 consistency] I understand that during evaluation my trading behaviour must be consistent, and that 80% of my total traded volume must not have been opened up within 20% of the minimum time duration of the challenge [11 tolerance]I understand that zero tolerance means that violations lead to forfeiture. However some breaches of the rules deemed minor and neither intentional nor negligent, may be penalised by a discretionary fine of maximum 2.5%. Fines will only be levied against positive balances. [12 faith] I understand that the firm reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith on my behalf. Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund. [acceptance terms]I have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions for 100 Challenge [13 disclaimer]I understand that I have no title or ownership over any funded account, and that any funds, profits or losses remain the property of the firm. I will be rewarded by the firm only for achieving set targets within the parameters agreed. [14 dashboard] I will accept emails and messages from, the provider of my AI risk management and trader analytics platform

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