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Talking about Network Funding, We all know about prop firms, hedge funds, banks and brokers, yet what is a Network Investment Platform?

Network is another term to describe a decentralized system without a central hub. When applied to Forex it means that the funds are provided by a crowd (individuals with fair and equal access and benefit) and not a central institution, source or investor.

So, why would a ‘crowd’ decide to put ‘micro investment’ amounts into a collectively backed venture?
Because they are all experienced Forex operatives who want to benefit from the Ultimate Trading System/Signal/Algo/Robot Manager.

What is new about this algo is that, the method for deciding which trades to place and when to exit is decided by the best traders in the market.

This platform is the ultimate expression of the social trading concept. Social trading platforms, where the investor follows or copies trader with track record and history has increased the chances of investor earning profit, are at the top end of the current platforms (from B book broker with 5% customer account profitability, through A book top broker expect ability of 15%) with 25% expectations of simple return on investment.

Our platform is composed of thousands of traders who statistically and collectively have expectation of up to 40% chance of a return on funded accounts provided to a microcosm of the global market, with every applicant receiving a real margined account without evalution and without bias, in return for a desk fee (commitment evidence) charged monthly, yet with zero liability beyond the fee. Risk is managed by our learning adaptive consensus market algo which parses every trader action thru a low latency cloud based AI that also makes trades on a seperate network funded account.

Simply put our machine knows which traders to follow and when, and in which amount as well as mitigate the inevitable losses from the majority.

Naturally the amount of follow funds affects the outcome and therefore Liquid is constantly balancing the network funds vs new funded accounts vs consistent low leverage month returns for network investors with minimum of $1,000,000 running into years without a losing month and with zero risk of ruin due to maximum leverage of 3%.

5 months ago the child of Lacma was launched to bring the algo to a crowd of investors with as little as $100,000 who are required to pay a monthly subscription of $2500. To achieve this level of participation the numbers of real account traders providing the signals for Lacma has to exponentially grow over period of time. Liquid has launched a $50 monthly real account plan and is a few months from the launch of the copy function.

The results are presented in real time below. lease note that the reason for building numbers is to smooth the curve and eliminate ‘tail risk’ – This is why the copy launch date is tied to the target number of traders on the Liquid platforms which consists of Blulive plus numerous white label prop firms and brands.

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Liquid Markets do not solicit funds or offer investment advise to Nitro or HNW brokerage account holders who are entitled to copy Lacma on subscription basis . Liquid simply faciliate prop firm brands and fund and risk manage all trader accounts with a specific trader behavioural objective from thousands of datasets.
FX Blue – free tools and services for FX and CFD traders

Neither Nitro or Lacma plans are available for citizens in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan or Democratic Republic of North Korea.

All participants are required to complete AML and KYC procedures prior to acceptance of any brokerage services.

This explains why Liquid offer accounts to individuals for as little as $50 per month (try find a demo challenge for $50) and promote and boost the best to $1,000,000 fund manager in the fastest time ever for any ‘prop firm’ in existence.

Hopefully the difference between a demo ‘prop firm’ , brokers and the fastest growing Liquid Network platform is now explained
FX Blue – free tools and services for FX and CFD traders

We are disruptors, we are liquid, join us with $50

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