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Liquids Fastest Payout in August 21

We have a new record holder for target completion on Alpha platform

It’s been nothing short of exceptional over the past one week, as everyone has been astonished over the Alpha trader from Cameroon who hit target under 8hours after subscribing to our $10k speculator account.

Never has this been heard of, or seen before. We at liquid markets are extremely delighted because we achieve our goal when we see our traders win and get paid. This is the single most important factor that has made us the best over the years

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Previous Experience.

Trading for me has been a journey, I lost a whole lot of money during my initial phase of trading. I can beat my chest to say trading is a profitable venture with BluLive.

Why Trading

The major reason I trade is for financial freedom. I really wan to live the forex lifestyle.

Money Spent

I used to trade personal funds ranging from $100 – $500 and this was draining as I kept blowing accounts. I heard of BluLive from and it has really changed a lot. Got my first payout in 2days!

Liquid Review

Liquid Markets has really opened my eyes to possibilities in the world of trading. Why would I trade with my $200 or $500 when I can easily get a $10,000 account with just $17.5? 

Analysis of Mathias’s trades

How our high leverage Alpha has changed lots of lives round the globe

Our model is designed for all traders to prove themselves capable of winning against all odds. Our single most important goal is to develop/ train consistently profitable traders as that’s what they would become when they understand the idea behind our high leverage ALPHA products.

This product has now ranked amongst some of the highest and most sort after products globally, in the prop firm sphere. We can’t wait to celebrate your success too!

What are you still waiting for? We have all kinds of accounts to accommodate all kinds of traders and trading styles.

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