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Ride the J Curve to trading success

Our J curve loyalty scheme is designed to turn you into a career trader over 1 year and for free.

Free? 12 months of real trading paying as little as $12 per month for $5000 broker account that will payout the instant you achieve a reasonable profit return.

The J curve is a fact for most beginners in most sports or other endevours requiring behavioural skillsets. In trading as in tennis, to be competitive requires more than beginners luck. Some theory and mostly practice is required to create the mental maps that allow prowess. Tennis takes years of practice, and so does trading. Tennis practice incurrs cost, so does trading.

This means that until you are able to return 5% on low leverage, you should spend (lose) the least amount of money and spend the most amount of time trading real money in real conditions with real consequence to get the skills needed to run profits and cut losses and not simply gamble.

Therefore you should start at Player and pay $50 every single month. After 3 months we reduce the fee to $25, after a further 3 months we reduce to $12, and you may trade that way with free monthly refinance until you hit 5%.

At that point you should upgrade with your payout to the bigger packages which themselves lead to the Nitro fund stage where everything is unlocked and you have a top broker account forever plus the skills to keep it and build asset value.

If you follow our J curve scheme over 1 year then 2 payouts will reimburse your fees. You will have had the cheapest and best trading apprenticeship and will then be in a good position to start to profit from trading, and we will be there to accelerate your progress by doubling your nitro balance each time you make a straight 10%.

In the meantime you get payout every 1% if you prefer. Your payout share will increase to 90% the more you withdraw. Sounds good? yet few traders prefer to try and cheat the rules or pay for the Max from start then run out of funds to keep subscribing.

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